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Thursday, April 7, 2011

0 Aromago Review and Giveaway Ends 05-07

Aromago is the aromatherapy that you can take with you on-the-go. Life itself gives us ups and downs. Either you are ran ragged and just need to pep up, or frazzled from stress and just need to relax. Aromago can help with that. With essential oils infused in a convenient tube, you can have aromatherapy wherever you go.

"Essential oils are nothing new. Their use is recorded throughout history and across cultures ranging from ancient Egyptian Pharaohs, to Queens of England, to spiritual practitioners in Asia and yogis in India. As Westerners increasingly look to nature for holistic ways to improve the human condition, aromatherapy practices are becoming more and more popular. Eastern wisdom and Western science tend to agree that essential oil aromatherapy is a natural way to improve mood, increase cognitive function, and treat ailments. But what are essential oils? In brief, they are the "essence" of a plant (flower, leaf, stick, etc.); extracted through a distillation process that removes the "essence" of the plant."

Aromago is packaged in a convenient stick about the size of a lip gloss. It has two portions. The top portion, you unscrew and place up to your nose, and just breathe the aroma in. The bottom portion, is a well of oil that you can place like perfume onto your neck, wrist, temples, wherever for the aroma to stay with you.

I received the "Relax" stick and the "Revive" stick.

The Relax was very calming. Made with lavendar and vanilla oils, with minty undertones, this is suited to relax you and calm those nerves. Take in a deep breath of this after getting home from a stressful day, or when you are laying down to bed. It works great. Almost immediately afterward, a sort of calm moves over you. You can also place a couple dabs onto your neck before bedtime or the corner of your pillow to help with a relaxing sleep.

The Revive peps your up. It calms those nerves but in a completely different way. Made with
peppermint, eucalyptus, borneol, and camphor, it's blend is suited to give you a boost and revive you. This is especially helpful for me during my workday. I work twelve hour shifts and about 8 hours into it, am really feeling blah. It almost has a medicinal type smell, and reminds me of a stick that my mom used to keep in her purse to breath in to clear your sinuses. This one is my favorite and I personally use it several times during the day. At any given moment, I have a tube of chapstick and my Revive stick in my pocket. 

I love both and coupled together you can help to rid yourself of stress whether you need to relax or revive yourself. They last from 3-4 months and so convenient to toss into your pocket, purse, diaper bag, wherever. Keep one of each in your desk drawer at work, or locker, or car. My job is insane stressful, as I am an emergency dispatcher and stress is the name of the job. I look for whatever help I can to rid some of that stress. I can honestly say that these little sticks helps me with that. Aromatherapy has a place in my life and these sticks are a convenient way to carry it around with me and work with my crazy schedule.  

One lucky reader will win an Aromago Relax and Revive set.
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Disclaimer: I was provided a sample of this product for review. No other compensation was provided. The opinions here are my own.


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