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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

0 Healthy Options of Days Gone By Review

You can find Healthy Options of Days Gone By on Etsy. There you can find a variety of products that can fit right into your healthy lifestyle, with all natural products such as bath salts, body powders, sugar scrubs, salves and creams, bar soaps, and more.

I like the laid back, country feel to their etsy site. With the rustic patterns and calm colors, it reminds me of a dated time that you might find in books or period pieces in film. When I was approached to do a review, after taking a look at their site, I jumped at the chance.

I received some of their products to try out and I'd like to mention that the aroma hit me even before opening the package. It hit me as soon as I opened my mailbox. The Kiss Me Goodnite scent strong but pleasant. It reminds me of Patchoulli. My mom has used that for years and it reminds me of her. The scent has stayed strong. I've had the box sitting in my bedroom and can smell it each time I walk into the room. 

Kiss Me Goodnite Bath Salts:  What a nice way to calm after a hard day, with just a tbsp or two in your bath, you can relax with this wonderful bath salt. The jar I received is like a short mason jar. It contains 4 oz of bath salts with the Kiss Me Goodnite scent. A cloth with pretty purple pattern tops the lid for an added flair. This product is all natural, non-toxic and non-irritant. I'm a huge fan of bath salts and I loved these. 
Kiss Me Goodnite Heart Shaped Bath Soap:  I received two of these adorable soaps. They are heart shaped and have that same scent - Kiss Me Goodnite. They were each in their own little satchel which would make for a great addition to any gift basket. I'm using mine in a decorative fashion on my bathroom counter. Each are .7 oz and safe for all skin types. The instruction card recommends using prior to bedtime for most beneficial effects.
Little Critter Rock Soap: I found this one to be so much fun. It's designed to look like a rock and contains a fun little critter. The one I received has a little lizard in it. The kids are sure to have fun with these and wash to get to the critter. We have a bathroom for the kids, that I can keep this in the soap dish. Children under 3 use caution. Take note of the sticky on the brown bag that it came in. I got a kick out of that.

Overall, I was pleased with my soaps from Healthy Options of Days Gone By. Go check them out their etsy. There is much more there than I've reviewed here.

Disclaimer: I was provided samples for review. No other compensation was provided. The opinions here are my own.


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