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Friday, March 18, 2011

0 Family Facts Pregnancy planner review


Family Facts presents an  Pregnancy Organizer & Planner that is just for pregnancy. I wish I would have had one of these for both of my pregnancies. Those of you who have been pregnant know that you get what I call a prego-brain and can't remember anything. I know I was terrible both times and my friends goofed at me all the time for being so air-headed.

This planner has all your bases covered.  It has a plastic outside with a pen and the pages are broken up into sections. It's a decent size but not too large to keep in your bag. This is definitely something I would keep with me through every moment of my pregnancy and use the information out of it for your baby book also.

The Calendar section starts out with a pregnancy overview by trimester and the pages aren't dated, so that you can fill it in to fit your pregnancy dates. Each day, there's a large enough area to write quite a bit so you can keep track of those appointments and reminders. When I was pregnant, I would forget stuff like taking the library books back and that day that I promised to drop something off with a friend. There's plenty of room to write that stuff.

The Contact section is very handy because instead of your typical contact sheet to list your family/friends like in a normal planner, this one is geared especially for pregnancy. There are pages for healthcare providers, service providers, referrals, neighbors, babysitters, who to call when labor starts, and who to contact after delivery. I especially like the who to contact lists so that you can hand that to the father or a good friend to make those calls for you.

The Health section has pages for your prenatal visit recaps, prenatal blood work profile, questions for healthcare providers, healthcare log, health insurance info and claims, menu and shopping planner, and a section for notes. In that section, I especially like the sections where you can put your questions so you don't forget what to ask the doctor.

The Baby Planning section is my favorite section. This is something that I never had when i was using regular planners during pregnancy. It includes favorite names, friendly advice, books to read, what I need for baby, what I need for myself, baby shower, gift log(that has little check boxes for "Thank you sent"  I love that), store credit / gift cards, maternity leave, delivery day bag list, hospital / birth center tour, breastfeeding, classes for newborn, resources for moms of multiples, and cord blood companies.

There are some fun stickers that you can put on your calendar to mark events on your calendar and some pockets to hold those business cards and important papers.

Ok, so I went into a lot of detail of what is in the planner, but that's because I am so intrigued by it. I wish I was pregnant to use if for myself, but I am most definitely not, so will be handing this off to a good friend who is trying with her first.

Cost: The Family Facts Pregnancy Organizer & Planner is $16.95 + shipping 

Disclaimer: I was provided a sample of this product for review. No other compensation was provided. The opinions here are my own.


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