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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

0 (2 winners!) TheraBreath Review and Giveaway Ends 04-23

TheraBreath is a product line dedicated to battle bad breath. created by Doctor Harold Katz, founder of The California Breath Clinics.  They have a variety of oral care products that target your sources of bad breath and other oral problems such as halitosis, dry mouth, taste disorders (sour, bitter, metallic) and help to rid yourself of those problems using the clinically proven TheraBreath system.

I was sent the Oral Rinse, Toothpaste and Lozenges to review.

Oral Rinse: I enjoyed this mouthwash very much. I received a 16 fl oz bottle and it has a little medicinal type cup that affixes to the top that you can use to swish with. It recommends to fill the cup to the line and rinse mouth for 1 minute, then gargle with a full cup for 30 seconds. I was pleasantly surprised by the taste. It was mildly minty but did not burn like the typical mouthwashes that I use. It was no problem at all to swish for that full minute and my mouth felt refreshed after each time that I used it. I've been using it steady for a week now and am definitely a fan. I also love that they have you gargle and point out that your throat is a major source of bad breath. You just don't see mouthwashes giving you directions to gargle anymore. I remember my mom always telling me to do it as a kid and I felt silly doing it and got out of the practice. I am now doing it again. My kids also tried this and prefer to use this because it's so mild. That's a huge plus that I can get my kids to use mouthwash more often because they actually enjoy the taste!

Toothpaste: I received a 4 oz tube of toothpaste. The tube itself is a lotion type tube with a pop open lid, so not your typical toothpaste with the screw top lid. The consistency of the actual toothpaste is interesting. It's definitely not what I'd have expected. It is a translucent paste that is very thick, almost reminding me of an ointment like neosporin in looks. The taste was great. Much like the mouthwash, very mild but minty. I personally like that it's not overpowering. Sometimes after you brush your teeth and rinse with mouthwash, you feel like you've just used some kind of industrial cleaner in your mouth. With this toothpaste you get the feeling of a clean mouth in a fresh way. I found it easier, because of the thick consistency to squeeze the toothpaste down into the bristles of the toothbrush and it works great, otherwise, the glob of toothpaste would just fall off, because it doesn't break apart and foam up like the other toothpastes that I've used.

Lozenges: I received a 100 count box of wrapped lozenges.  I definitely didn't know what to expect before trying these. They are mandarin mint flavor and quite a bit stronger than both the toothpaste and oral rinse. They are mostly minty but mouthwash at the same time. I enjoy the taste and always keep a couple in my pocket and purse to pop in at work or on-the-go. Right now, I am training a girl at my work and have to be very close at times while giving instruction, so I just pop in one of these lozenges and say bye-bye to bad breath. This way I can combat that coffee I drank and snacks that I ate until I can get home to brush my teeth again. This is my favorite of the three products I tried.

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