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Monday, January 17, 2011

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CSN Stores

Oh, how I love shopping for new things. I am very frugal in nature and always trying to find the best deal. I do quite a bit of shopping before I actually buy something. One site that I get pure pleasure of browsing is CSN. Time disappears as I look through their amazing selection (200+ stores) The stores that interest me the most are the cooking and home d├ęcor sections.While looking through the TV stands section, I came across fireplace TV stands. How cool is that? We're shopping for a new TV for our bedroom and the fireplace TV stand would look amazing under my new TV. They have free shipping also on them and most other items too. 

I personally have gotten many things from CSN, including an electric knife sharpener, a crock pot, a stock pot, and my favorite, an ottoman bench. They really do have so much to browse and you will be sure to run into deals that you’re weren’t even thinking of shopping for. I am very guilty of that. The checkout is a breeze and they keep you updated with emails for your order confirmations and when your items have been shipped. 
Coming soon, I'll be doing a CSN giveaway, so keep an eye out for it!


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