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Thursday, January 13, 2011

0 Do Tell Family and Adult board games Review and Giveaway Ends 02-13

Do Tell games are hilarious games that bring the players together through answering silly questions and acting out the cards. By it's very nature, it opens up lines of communication in a fun way. They have two versions, one for the family and one for adults. I have the pleasure of reviewing both and had a lot of fun playing them. The color choices and artwork for the game design is so beautiful. I even love the little designs on the game pieces.

Do Tell for the Family
Ages: 8 +
Players: 2-8
Learn: 5 Minutes
Play: 3/4 Hour

You don't have to know any trivia, or have a special skill to excel at this game. Even though there's obviously a winner, it's not very competitive because the whole point is to have fun. In turn, you roll the dice, draw the card and do or tell what the card says.
Some examples of the cards:
Tell Cards: "Describe one of your scars and tell how you "earned" it. Bonus: Tell us how you feel about it, whether you hide it or show it off, and move ahead 1 space."
"Who is your favorite celebrity? Why?  - or - What would you like to say to your favorite celebrity?"
Do Cards: "Be your mother first thing in the morning. -or- Be your father first thing in the morning"
"Be a crybaby  -or- Be a whiney bug."
Risk Cards: "Pretend to be a tattletale. Bonus: Tell us how this feels and move ahead 1 space"
"Demonstrate what you do when someone is really bugging you.  -or- Describe something that annoys you. Tell us why."
There's also Wild cards that let you create havoc, moving other players pieces or your own in front of theirs.
I played with my children who are 11 and 7 (will be 8 in about a week) We had tons of fun playing. They really enjoyed doing the silly "do cards" If only you could have seen my daughter's mommy in the morning was priceless. My son even got really into acting out the "do cards". I had one that had me hopping like a kangaroo and they decided to show me that they could hop better than me. There are spots you can land on the board called mirror spots that you have to write your answers down and the other players write down what they think your answer is. Then you all compare and who matches gets to move more spaces. It's a very fun concept, however my younger one had difficulty grasping the concept of what she was supposed to write. She may still be a little young for those. Overall, this is fun game for the family to sit down and play. It opens up lines of communications in a fun way. Some of the answers will surprise you that your family share and I also somehow fit some parental lecturing in there for a few questions that I answered. It's the mommy in me. For example, I answered a question on whether I'd rather lick my fingers or wipe them on my shirt and there goes a little lecture on how never to wipe their hands on their shirts. LoL. I can't help it.

Do Tell for Adults
Ages: 16 +
Players: 2-8
Learn: 5 Minutes
Play: 1 Hour
This game is designed for adult play. It's questions and topics relate to sex and other things that shouldn't be discussed around children. The setup of the game is very similar to the family version above with an added Spicy card option. All of the cards have different questions than the family game, so it's a completely new experience, answering the new questions.
Some examples of the cards: 
Tell Cards: "What was your narrowest escape? -or- what would the title of your autobiography be? Why?" "What part of your body do you love most? Why? -or- If you could have cosmetic surgery on any part of your body, what would it be and why?"
Do Cards: "Challenge another player to thumb wrestle -or- Sing a patriotic song. Bonus: Each player who sings along with you moves ahead 2 spaces" "Demonstrate the weirdest position you've ever been in -or- Give someone the "stink" eye"
Risk Cards: "Be the snake in the Garden of Eden and convince someone to take the first bite of the forbidden fruit" "What's your most annoying habit? -or- Demonstrate your most embarrassing habit."
Spicy Cards: "What part of making love do you enjoy the most? Why? Bonus: Tell what you enjoy the least and why and move ahead 3 spaces" "What's the funniest thing that's ever happened to you while you were having sex?"
There's also Wild cards that let you create havoc, moving other players pieces or your own in front of theirs.
You can see why this is designed for adults. Depending on who you're playing the game with, it can get risque pretty quick. The cards don't force you to do anything or say anything completely least in my book. This would be a big hit at an all-adult party or get-together. You just might find things out about your partner or your friends that you didn't know before, maybe even a little too much info if you're lucky. LoL In my experience of adult get-togethers, there is most always alcohol involved and you can imagine how that would make the answers to these questions even more hilarious.

I had a blast with both games and will continue to play them with my friends and family.

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