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Friday, November 26, 2010

0 Randomness!

I'm doin a little bit of blog hoppin this morning. Kids are out of school and arguing like crazy. I don't have work today which is awesome but hubby has to work later. I've got 3 reviews to write up and will get to that this afternoon. I had to work yesterday on Thanksgiving so didn't get to spend it with my family but my work family pulled together a great meal and I was stuffed with yummy food. Now I wish I had some more turkey though. So Yum!

I've been working pretty hard at getting my name out there in the blog world and so excited about getting review opportunites and more importantly giveaway opportunities for the readers. There are some great ones coming up and have been trying to get my stats up so that I can get other companies to consider me but it is a slow process. 

It's paying off though. Now I have even more giveaways coming to you. I tried to make the entering process easier by using the form instead of seperate comments and made it so that you only have to enter the form once. 
I know I hate when I have to sit at someone's site for an hour or more entering their giveaways....especially when there are captcha messages or get the dreaded "you're posting too quickly" messages. I will usually do it though because I truly do love the blogs and love the chance to win the giveaways, even though I will get frustrated and give up sometimes if the site is giving me too many error messages or locking up. I'd love to hear opinions on if the forms work for you as a reader or if it's more of a pain.

I chose not to do any black friday shopping because the specials just aren't worth it this year for me. So good luck to you if you're out there shopping right now! I'm cozy in front of my computer and about to make me a sandwich. LoL


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