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Sunday, October 17, 2010

0 Closed - StaphAseptic Review and Giveaway Ends 10-29-10 - Closed

Contest is closed: Amy was chosen as our winner with comment:
I would like to win! We had a scary episode of arm infection due to staph, this ointment sounds great to have in every home's 1st aid kit!

Congrats Amy!

We deal with our fair share of boo-boos here with two kids. I've recently come accross this product StaphAseptic and was eager to try it out.

StaphAseptic is for the prevention of skin infections caused by bacteria such as MRSA and other germs.
 What is MRSA? MRSA Staphylococcus Aureus, also refererd to as Staph. There are certain types of Staph that are resistent to antiobiotics. 
StaphAseptic kills 99.9% of antibiotic resistent staph (MRSA). Other treatments such as triple antibiotic ointment are not effective against staph.  
Note this is not a treatment or cure for any existing infection, but a prevention of such. You should use StaphAseptic as part of your first aid process when caring for new cuts, scrapes, etc.

Here's some tips of what you can also be doing to prevent bacterial infections:
  • Treating and covering wounds
  • Don't share personal items like towels, soap and razors
  • Showering after physical activity
  • Properly clean all athletic equipment and gear
  • Keeping hands clean
I waited a few days after getting the product to see if the kids would get any bumps or scrapes and it didn't happen for me to put the StaphAseptic on it, however my hubby had a rash (almost like a heat rash) that we put the product on and it did seem to calm it down quite a bit. The tube that it comes in is 2 oz. It's easy to open. It's a gel-like material that is clear. It does smell like medicine when you first put it on but the smell goes away after a bit. I for one, am especially glad that I own this and am keeping it with my first aid supplies, for any bumps and scrapes that my kids will surely get in the near future.

If you'd like to try it out, here's a coupon:

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