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Friday, October 22, 2010

0 K T Tunsall New CD - Tiger Suit

You may have heard of KT Tunsall before. One of her most popular songs are “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” and “Suddenly I See”.

The time has come! She has come out with a new CD. It's titled Tiger Suit, released on Oct. 4th.

Biography via KT Tunstall has had a recurring dream since she was a child. She sees a tiger in her garden and goes outside to stroke it. She returns indoors and is seized by the fear that she could have been killed. Over the years, it has occurred to her that the reason the tiger responds so passively is that she herself is disguised as a tiger. That she is wearing a tiger suit.

I love each song on there. It's a little different than her previous stuff, with a little more edge. My favorite track is  "Glamour Puss". The very first song is “Uummannaq Song,” which actually reminds me of Fiona Apple a lot. (which I am a huge fan of) Another noteable song is "Come on, Get in" which reminds me of the classic "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" which we have all grown to love.

My opinion is that I love it. It's not a huge change from what she did before and I don't know how many tracks are poppy enough to be radio played but I am a fan and will be playing it over and over in my house, on my blackberry, in my car, you name it!

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