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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

0 Bibber Buddy Sunscreen flask

Info from the company:
Bring your favorite beverages anywhere and save hundreds of dollars with these ultra realistic sunscreen flasks!
The Bibber Buddy hidden alcohol sunscreen flask is the smartest and most unique way to carry your favorite beverages everywhere. Avoid paying ridiculous prices for drinks on cruises, at concerts, sporting events, the beach and many other places! Just throw these flasks in your purse or pockets and get through any security or baggage claim!
The best value for you! Bibber Buddy concealable alcohol sunscreen flasks come with a funnel, ten foil seals, and an extra Bibber Buddy plastic flask! Easily fill your sunscreen flasks with any beverage using the complimentary funnel. Ten foil seals make our flasks leak proof and ultra realistic to any security! An extra Bibber Buddy plastic flask makes refills possible on the go! Bring extra of your favorite beverage along in your Bibber Buddy and never worry about running out!
Two 8oz Bottles give you sixteen standard drinks! Bring your choice of liquor along in your Bibber Buddy sunscreen bottles and mix with anything to make up to sixteen standard sized drinks! Don't worry about running out of drinks, you'll have enough to share with the Bibber Buddy Sunscreen flasks.
When you get your Bibber Buddy Sunscreen flasks, just wash them out with warm water, let them dry out over night, then fill them with your favorite beverages and pack them away to be used for a cruise kit, concealable flask, or other unique purpose.
You'll never have to pay for overpriced drinks again with a Bibber Buddy sunscreen flask! Make sure to get yours and start saving today!

My thoughts:
I absolutely love this idea of a flask hidden as a sunscreen bottle. I've only recently been introduced to these, and this was after we'd gotten back from going on a cruise to Mexico. We spent a bunch of money on alcohol and if we'd had these, it would have been so much cheaper.  This sunscreen flask kit comes with 2 bottles that each hold 8 oz and a clear plastic bladder bag with funnel. The best part is that the sunscreen bottle looks completely legit. From the logo, to the detailed ingredients, it looks just like a bottle of sunscreen. You can "reseal" them with these little silver stickers to put over the opening. That way it looks like a brand-new unopened bottle of sunscreen if you opened it up to inspect it. I am so excited to book another cruise and give these a shot getting through security. You could also take them to outdoor events or concerts with it in your bag. No one would think twice, having a bottle of suncreen in my bag while living in FL.

I received this product at a discounted rate, in exchange for my honest opinions. No other compensation was provided.


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