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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

0 TunePhonik headphones

These Tunephonik iMX5 headphones look cool and have decent sound quality. They have a microphone and in-line control which add to the aesthetics in their design.

Out of the package, you get the headphones, a small drawstring pouch, 3 sets of silicone tips, and the user guide. Everything is fairly straightforward. The packaging is cool and you can keep it around for storage.

The headphones come in red / black design. The cord is a flattened style and an elbow angle at the 3.5mm plug. The design at the head is interesting. It looks like rubber but is hard like plastic. Each side is marked L and R respectfully. There is an in-line control button and microphone. I tried out the control button with my music and videos on my phone. Pressing the button controls the play / pause function. You can press it to answer an incoming phone call. While on a phone call, pressing it places the call on hold, and a long press hangs up the line.

The microphone works decently without any interference, echo, or background noise. I don't use the microphone that often, but tested it fully for the purposes of this review.

The fit is nice for my ears. I swapped out the silicone tips for the small ones. They fit better on me. I have used them to clean house with and I haven't had any issues with them falling out while moving around. I am not a self-proclaimed audiophile and can't vouch for how they make the bass and notes sound. I have listened to music, and shows on Netflix with them and the sound is clear to me with no static. They don't get super loud. I could almost max out the sound and it was still acceptable for me....not that I want to blow my eardrums out but wanted to test the limit of the product.

Bottom line is they work as advertised and with the red / black design, they just look cool. I'm happy with them. I did receive them for free from the company in exchange for my honest review.


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