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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

0 4 Pack Silicone Travel Bottles- Small 1.25oz

I’m launching a new product and I would love your help! Along with your awesome blog post, I was hoping to get verified Amazon Reviews.

Say goodbye to leaky, single-use plastic travel toiletry bottles...

Bocco Squeezable Travel Bottles are designed to give you a peace of mind when traveling:
- Food Grade Squeezable Silicone - Soft yet durable silicone construction helps avoid wasting product, allowing you to get every last drop. Squeeze and release to get exactly how much you want without globs of excess oozing out.
- Leak Proof Technology - 3 leak-proof cap wall and no dip valve to prevent leaks and spills
- ID Window - Adjustable, labeled rim identifies product contents. Conveniently labeled Shampoo, Conditioner, Lotion, Soap, and Sunscreen. 3 blank labels for you to write product contents.
- Large Bottle Opening for fast, drip free fills.
- Built-In Suction Cup -Temporarily attach to smooth surfaces such as hotel tiles for easy reach in the shower. Moisten suction cup for better holding power.
- NEW & IMPROVED Clear Reusable Travel Pouch with Zipper Closure- No more digging around for a Ziploc bag.
- 100% BPA Free & FDA Approved- Safe for food use. It's purpose goes beyond traveling. Use around the kitchen to store Sauces or Baby Food. Fill them up with your favorite toiletries to bring along to the Gym, Work, Camping or in your Purse

This is a great promotion and we anticipate you will really like the product. Approved reviewers will receive a 4 piece set of Small 1.25 oz Travel Bottles.

My Review:
These travel bottles are awesome. They are made of silicone and absolutely do not leak. There all all these fun little details that go into this set of travel bottles that I love.

I use them more on a regular basis than just saving them for travelling.

Silicone: The material is silicone and they come in these really fun colors. The set that I chose has orange, purple, pink and green. The silicone is super soft and flexible. The cap is made of a sturdy white plastic. I've put them to the test and they do not leak.

Suction cup: For a quick storage option, you can suction the bottle to the mirror, or flat surface of your choice with a built in suction cup. If you are travelling, this is a good way to keep it off of the limited counter space in the bathroom.

Wide opening: This is my favorite part of these bottles. They are so very easy to fill because the opening is just as wide as the bottles themselves.

Labels: They aren't apparent right away, but if you look along the side of the cap, you will see an opening that displays labels for most toiletry products you'd store in them. Just pop the ring around the cap up and switch it around to have the opening set over the label you want. Set Lotion as the label that you are putting lotion in.

I have bad one of these in my purse with lotion in it for a while now and it gets clanked around all over and has not leaked once. The cap hasn't even gotten any dust / dirt into the crevices like some containers do when hanging out at the bottom of a bag or purse. I used one to put mouthwash in, and I'm pleased to say that it hasn't leaked either.

They came in a cute clear zippered pouch that is great for re-use also. It's the perfect size for makeup on-the-go.

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


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