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Friday, July 31, 2015

0 Run Baby Premium Quality Running Belt

Info from the company:
Running Belt, Adjustable. Best Fitness & Exercise Workout Belt For Men & Women on Amazon. Soft, comfortable bag, bounce free and secure for Keys, Phone & Wallet. Run Baby Run Premium Brand. Spandex, Perfect for Long Runs with iphone 6 or SamsungClassic design runners belt, perfect for fitness exercise and workouts, for men and women, in the gym or on the road.

Bright Dayglow Orange colour for fashion, and for enhanced visibility at night,

Soft, secure and compact design, no clunky zippers.

Perfect for the gym, running, walking, the supermarket, theatre, hiking, biking, amusement park, clubbing, concerts, outdoor events and of course when travelling on holiday

Small and Light - 15 inches by 3.5 inches - ideal for any Hands FREE situation.

Perfect, convenient concealed location for medicines or snacks during exercising or long runs

Backed by Run Baby Lifetime Warranty

My take on it:
The running belt from RunBaby is very convenient. It allows you to carry your cell, keys and personals with you while going for a jog. It's working out great for me.

The design is fairly simple. it has a flat pouch with slits along the front that you can slide stuff into. Inside, there is a hook to hold your keys onto. Your keys can rest outside the pouch if needed, because they are held securely with the hook. There is a stretchy belt with a buckle that gives you a nice snug fit. It's a bright orange color which can also make you more visible to cars while jogging. I was worried about the fit because I'm a size 14/16 and usually have issues with fit. I get a comfortable fit and it's not even let out all the way. It still has room to go larger. My daughter is a size 1 and it fits her on it's smallest setting.

I like that with your keys, personals and phone inside, it still lays rather flat, so if wanting to keep it out of sight, you can easily cover it with a baggy shirt, unlike a fanny pack. Now the only issue I do have with the storage, is that it will only hold my phone outside the case. I have a silicone case on my phone that won't allow it to slide into the slot properly. I take the case off and it fits perfectly. I have a Blu Studio Energy which is fairly large for a smartphone.

I have been enjoying this running belt, and in truth use it for more than just jogging. I take it on the go when I don't want to carry a bag or a purse with me. with the slits, it's also very easy to run the cord for your headphones through.

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


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