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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

0 Reflective Ankle Bands (Pair) - High Visibility

Info from the company:
BE SAFE, BE SEEN! Reflective bands are the quickest, easiest way to increase you and your family's visibility and safety with 360 degrees of intensely bright white retro reflectivity (400 cd/lux).

GAIN PEACE OF MIND. These durable, highly reflective strip that makes users easily seen by motorists from over 700 feet away. Strap a pair on the kids before they go out to play for increased safety!

FULLY-ADJUSTABLE. Elastic and velcro design wraps securely around ankles, upper wrists, or upper arms.

​ESSENTIAL, MUST-HAVE ACCESSORY for runners, walkers, joggers, cyclists, motorcyclists, even drivers (keep a pair in the car in case of breakdown) - anyone who wants to be extra visible day or night!

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE + 50% OFF COUPON INCLUDED. No hassle, 100% satisfaction guarantee. Coupon for 50% off your next ATOPIO purchase included with your BlazeBands order on Amazon.

Included: Two (2) BlazeBand Reflective Ankle Bands + Coupon for 50% Off Your Next Purchase

Reflective Bands Keep You Visible In All Conditions
Lightweight, fully-adjustable, comfortable, and durable, BlazeBands are easy to strap on and go jogging, walking, or cycling in visible safety. Strap a pair on your kids when they go to bicycle, skateboard, or play outside. *Keep a pair of BlazeBands in the glove compartment for increased visibility to other drivers in case of a car breakdown.

*Every 8 minutes, a pedestrian is injured in a motor vehicle accident. It's vital to increase your visibility to oncoming traffic. BlazeBand Reflective Wrist Bands provide that extreme, bright white reflectivity that helps you and your loved ones remain visible even in low light conditions. Reflective Bands are superior to LED lights and require no batteries.

How does retro reflectivity work?
Retro reflective materials reflect light in any direction or angle the light source originates. Our retro reflective tape is rated at 400 cd/lux which meets and exceeds key high visibility norms. It skyrockets both daytime and low light visibility.

Why BlazeBands?
Our Retro-Reflecting materials are certified by TÜV Rheinland Germany. Our bands and your satisfaction are guaranteed.

My take on it:
I used to think that these reflective vests, shirts and such were so tacky....that is before I started to exercise outside and see how dangerous it can be. I also work in a 911 center and we get so many calls for accidents involving pedestrians.

I'd already recently gotten a reflective vest and was looking forward to trying out the reflective ankle bands. Now I have a matching set.

They are very reflective and you can't be missed as cars pass you. This is especially great for those like me who do their exercise at dusk and in the night. With the FL heat,  that is the best time.

You can see from the pic, that even with just the flash from the camera, it shows very bright.

These bands are comfortable to wear. They can also be worn around your wrists, but if you jog with your hands placed in front of you, a car won't really see them from behind. You can even wrap them around the handles of your bag or stroller.

Make yourself be seen from oncoming motorists and stay safe!
I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


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