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Friday, June 19, 2015

0 Multipurpose Round Pot Holder

Info from the company:
This is a round multipurpose kitchen grade silicone pad that that is a pot holder, trivet, and jar opener.

Pratipad silicone pad is:

✔ MULTIFUNCTIONAL - Use it as a pot holder, trivet, jar opener or anywhere you need extra grip or exteme heat or cold protection

✔ LIGHTWEIGHT & SUPERIOR HEAT PROTECTION - Unique honeycomb pattern decreases weight & evenly distributes heat to better protect your hands

✔ VERSATILE - Withstands extreme temperatures from -40°F to 446°F (-40°C to 230°C) perfect for use in an oven, microwave, or freezer

✔ EASY TO MAINTAIN & DURABLE - Dishwasher safe & tested to withstand repeated twisting & bending

Overall the Pratipad is a great addition in the kitchen.

My take on it:
The Pratipad by Pratico Kitchen is unlike any other product I've tried. I absolutely love trying out truly unique products and this one has me very excited.
The Pratipad round set includes 2 round silicone pads that in their design they can be used as a pot holder, trivet, or jar opener.
Now, I've owned plenty of cloth pot holders, various trivets of cloth, glass and metal and rubberized jar openers. Within the past few months, my eyes have been opened to silicone products and I've actually tried out the silicone gloves which can be used very similar to this set.
Each one of these round discs is 18 x 18 x 0.7 cm and made from FDA approved food grade silicone. They can withstand temps of -40°F to 446°F and that is impressive. They can be used in the oven, microwave or freezer. The design has this honeycomb effect on each side that looks and feels very cool. The pattern is what is actually allowing the heat and cold to be transferred evenly and saving your hands.
Well, needless to say, as soon as I received this a couple weeks ago, I put it to work. I have kept it by my stove in the kitchen and used it whenever possible, instead of any other pot holders, trivets or jar openers. I am happy to report that they are working out great. I've actually found that I like them best as a trivet. I get a confidence with these that I just don't have with cloth pot holders. I set the pots of food from dinner onto them in the middle of the dinner table while we eat. I have also been using them to remove food from the oven and never once came close to becoming burnt.
I wasn't expecting to be so impressed by what seems to be a normal pair of pot holders, but they really are great. I love them for my kitchen but they'd also make a great gift. For a set of 2 priced at only $8.99 right now, that is such a great price. This is a product that I have actually been using day to day in my kitchen and I absolutely recommend.
I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


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