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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

0 BriaUSA Cascade Hangers Set of 10 Light Pink

Info from the company:
BriaUSA Cascade Hangers Set of 10 Light Pink Steel Swivel Hooks -Slim, Sturdy Saves You Extra Space

10 PCS PREMIUM QUALITY; slim construction saves space; your closet accommodates more clothes.

CASCADING HOOK; increases your closet storage capacity.

SWIVEL HOOKS; sturdy steel swiveling design attaches to the shoulders for easy maneuvering.

NOTCHED SHOULDERS; prevents cloths from slipping, provide extra support for garments.

MULTI-PURPOSE; great for hanging Suits, Jackets, Pants, Shirts, Dresses, Blouses & Accessories. Backed by full money back guarantee.
My take on it:
I've had the opportunity to try out BriaUSA hangers before and have always been pleased. They make high quality and unique hangers that fit your every hanger need. I actually have the same set in light green, so my opinions are the same with both, with the exception of the color.
Both pink and green are a light pastel color which is very pleasing. I like both colors.
This set is the light pink cascade hangers. They are made of a sturdy plastic that has a textured design all over. The plastic can bend a little but is sturdy enough to hold jeans or a heavy coat. There are small indentations for straps to go but not exactly a hook or anything to hold the straps on.
The hook is metal which I love because the metal hooks slide so easily along the closet rod. The metal hook does turn if you'd like, and it's stiff enough to stay where you put it. For instance, if you want to turn it sideways to hang it on top of the shower door or bedroom door, it can turn, or if you want your clothes to face the opposite direction in the closet.
The aspect of this hangers set that sets it apart from the rest are the plastic hook in the front that allows the hangers to cascade. You can hang one hanger onto the previous creating a chain. This is a great for saving space and for piecing together outfits. I like to put my work shirt, pants and jacket all together and now I can have them all connected with these cascade hangers.  Also while they are side by side in the closet sans clothes, they nest together nicely where the hooks are, for more space saving.
I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


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