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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

0 Bluetooth 4.0 Hi-Fidelity Sports Headphones

Info from the company:
Built for Style and Elegance- Utilizes the Latest and Greatest Bluetooth CSR 4.0 Technology
Great for Exercise and Runing.These headphones will not fall out and have an operating distance of 10m!
Works great with almost all tablets and smartphones that utilize Bluetooth technology
Simple user-friendly interface with volume and channel controls directly on the unit
Retail package includes manual, charger cable, earphones and removable earhooks

My take on it:
Francois et Mimi wireless bluetooth 4.0 headphones w/ microphone
I have tried many different wireless headphones and these stand up among the better ones.

The great thing about wearing wireless headphones is you can move about hands-free. Even when you are attached with corded headphones, one of your hands is still holding the phone as you walk around.  I wear mine mostly while cleaning or just moving around my house throughout my day. I wear them for jogging and going for walks outside. While in the house, I can pair it up, and listen as I move about while my phone stays sitting on the table or desk.

I received the wireless headphones, instruction manual, clip and charging cable. The design is black with silver accents.

Bluetooth: It's easy to pair. Go to your phone and set your bluetooth up to search for nearby devices. On the wireless headphones, hold down the center button on the control. It should show up as F&M. Connect and you are good to go. You won't have to pair it everytime. From then on, when you activate your bluetooth and have the wireless headphones on, they will automatically connect to each other.

Fit: This was a biggie for me. I have incredibly tiny ears and always have issues with the style of earbuds that fit into the crevice of your ear but not down in your canal. With these, I was able to fit them in easily but it's very snug and was uncomfortable after about a half hour. I took off the silicone ear hook and that did seem to help with pressure. After I've worn these a few times, I've discovered that I can get them in there just right and they will be great with no discomfort, but it does take some adjustment to get to that point. You can see in the pics how snug they are, especially with the ear hooks. Good news is they DO NOT fall out. I even tried jogging in them and they stayed put.

Sound:  I am no audiophile and can't speak for the hi and lows, bass and treble, and whatnot, but I can speak for a layman to say that the shows that I watch on Netflix and the music that I listen to while I clean sound great. It's loud and clear.

Control: The control buttons allow you to change the volume up / down, power the device, and pause / resume music and movies. What stands out for me with this pair of headphones over others I've tried is the up and down controls volume of being shared with a previous/next function that takes front seat. When I press the plus sign, my volume goes up and minus makes the volume go down. Simple as that. If you've tried any others that volume is a secondary function and has to be held down in order to work, you will appreciate this fact.

The headphones charge with a micro-USB cable that is included. I haven't put it to the test to see how long it will last before going dead because I charge it between uses.

Overall, I am impressed. The fit could be a little better for my small ears, but they work great and are very high quality compared to others I've tried.
I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


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