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Thursday, June 11, 2015

2 Adult Swimming Goggles Giveaway

Info from the company:
  • Mirrored lenses are used in very bright conditions as the mirror lens reflect the light away from the eyes. It is are perfect for filtering out the glare that is reflected from the surface of water. Some low quality Mirrored lenses Goggles can be dazzling and disorientating to swimmers, but the Aegend Mirrored lenses Goggles filter out those powerful rays of light, enabling an excellent level of visibility. Ideal for use in outdoor swimming or competitions.
  • Made of high quality environmental polycarbonate lenses & silicone strap, lenses offer UV protection.
  • Easy-to-use environmental silicone clasp and the adjustment system lets you pull the straps from either side.
  • Aegend Goggles fit comfortably around your eye sockets and don't have to create too much pressure to keep the water out. Because the gaskets around the eyepieces are thick and curved in a way that will probably fit most faces.
  • Hassle Free Replacement or Full-refund within 12 MONTHS. Include: 1 * Black Aegend Swim Goggles, 1 * Protective Case

I am truly impressed by the Aegend goggles. I live in Florida and we are constantly swimming and now we have a summer ahead of us and are ready to swim some more. I can honestly say that these goggles are the best we've used.
This company has thought about everything and has made their goggles with the highest quality.
The pair I chose is black with a mirror lens.
What I love the most about these is the fit. The straps are adjustable and have a snap on the back that is very unique. It allows you to snap it behind your head easily and unsnap just as easily. You get a snug fit without having to try to keep the goggles still on your face while trying to squeeze the strap over your hair. I usually have a pony tail and these are so awesome because I don't have to try and pull the strap over it.
The mirror lens cuts down on the glare from the sun and offers UV protection. Being that we are usually using goggles on beach, that is awesome. The material is anti-fog also so you don't have to keep wiping out the insides to get a clear view.
When you place the goggles over your eyes, they provide an instant seal. There are no gaps at all. Wrap the straps around the back and snap together. So easy to use that even a child can do it.
This pair of goggles has my eyes wide open. I will not be buying any more of those other brands that I have to constantly readjust and help my kids with.
They come in a very handy carrying case that I encourage you to keep them in. It will keep them in good condition so they can last even longer. Remember, when you get them wet with saltwater, make sure to rinse them off with clean water as soon as you can before storing them.

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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  1. I love these goggles. I really need a new pair this summer. Entry name: Marnie Guffey

  2. I love that these Aegend Goggles fit comfortably around eye sockets and don't have to create too much pressure to keep the water out!
    Awesome product!
    Thank You for the chance

    Fiona N


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