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Thursday, May 28, 2015

0 Vizi Belt

Info from the company:
Best Quality LED Light Running Belt!Why the Stunningly Smart Vizi Belt Will Keep You and Your on-the-go Essentials Secure and Safe
✓Highest Quality LED Light with Three Different Light Modes will Keep You Visible and Safe in Low Light Environments
✓Vizi Belt has Two Expandable Zipper Pockets made of Top Quality Stretch Material to Keep Your items Secure
✓No issues getting Your Smartphone Screen damaged from keeping keys in the same pocket
✓Quick and Smooth Access to Your Belongings Without having to Pause Your Activity
✓Snug and Sleek Fit and Doesn't bounce around
What Benefits and Features Makes Vizi Belt Stand Out?
✓Have been tested thoroughly by elite athletes with top reviews before releasing it to the general public
✓Adjustable elastic polyester band gives you a comfortable feeling with perfect fit to your body
✓Made in (Superior - High) best Polyester Quality material for your long time use
✓The only LED light belt on the market with two zipper secure pockets
✓Water and sweat resistant LED light function
✓Super lightweight for best performance

My take on it:
I maintain a night schedule because of my job. On my days off, I do most things at night because that is when I'm up and going about my daily activities. One of the things I like to do is walk / jog around my neighborhood. It's usually dusk or dark when I go out and I always have the fear that a car might not see me and I could get hit. (especially with living in an elderly community like I do)
When introduced to the Vizi Belt, I was truly intrigued. The belt I picked out is pink. It's thinner than I expected. The majority of it is made of a very thin stretchable black material, while there is an LED powered pink strip along the front. Conveniently there is a zipper along the top that runs all the way across, providing 2 pockets. The band buckles in the back.
Fit: I am typically a size 12/14 and this fit me with plenty of room for adjustment. The band can be adjusted and is stretchy, so you can get a comfortable snug fit. The stretchy band is my favorite part honestly, because others that I've tried you had to keep adjusting to get the best fit. The stretch helps you with that.
Pockets: The pockets are convenient but small. I can fit my keys, money, ID, Protein bar or snack. One thing I cannot fit is my phone. It would be nice to be able to fit that in there but there is just no possible way. The pocket is way to small for that. The phone I use is a BLU Studio Energy and it would not fit, but I tried an older smaller sidekick phone and that did fit.
LED light: This comes with the batteries. You just have to open the battery compartment and remove the paper between the two batteries the first time using it. I was shocked at just how bright the light it. It's not the typical LED lights I'm used to, but more the whole strip lights up. You can have it solid or a strobe effect in slow and fast.
This will definitely draw attention to you by any passing motorist. It is comfortable and doesn't shift while I'm jogging. I wouldn't recommend trying to remove anything from the pockets while running.
I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


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