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Friday, May 1, 2015

0 Sentey Arrow gaming headset review

I received the Sentey gaming headset. - Red Arrow model. 
Overall, I am impressed by the quality of the headset that you get for such a low price. 
The headset was packaged even better than other $100 plus headsets I've seen. The red and black design is very attractive. The style is very high end.
The headset itself is one-piece plastic that can be extended on each side. They do not fold or are made to bend at all. (although with plastic, there is a little give) 
They have ear cushions that give wide area for your ears and padding that runs along the top of your head. 
The cord is braided-over-cord, so worries about it getting tangled. The braiding will help with ear and tear to the cord itself and also looks very cool. 
The control piece that runs along the cord sits about mid-belly level and rests on my left side, so my left hand is usually controlling it, even though my right hand is dominate and I try instictivally to grab it with my right. 
On the control piece you have a wheel to control volume up and down. It ranges from the loudest, which can be extreme depending on what type of system you are using this on, to completely silent. There is also a control on / off switch for the microphone. This allows you to easily mute yourself at any point. 
The microphone nests into the left earpiece and can be pulled down when you want to use it. It is a solid plastic and doesn't have any flexibility. You can go up and down in a single direction with the lowest point being at about chin level. I have the urge to want to put it closer to my mouth, but you can easily be heard and understood with it at that level. 
The 3.5mm connector jacks split off from the main braided cord and allow you to plug in the mic and headphone jacks separately. 
Our whole family are made up of gamers but primarily it is my 15 year old son and I who are sharing these for our gaming. My head is small and my ears are small, where he is a little bigger than me. The headset fit us both great. I like that it is adjustable, and doesn't give too much pressure in any one spot. The space given in the earphones allows my ears to rest in the space completely while the cushion rests on the side of my head around my ears. My son says that they fit him really nice also. 
Depending on the fit, will depend on how much noise-cancelling effect you will get with these. With me, they fit completely over my ear and cancel everything else out completely. My son says he can still hear what is happening a little but the sound of the game usually drowns out everythng else.   
I have been using these for headset only, because my current games that I am playing don't involve me speaking to anyone. My son gave this headset a shot with one of his current games he is playing, Team Fortress 2. In regards to the quality of the microphone, he says that they come across clear and he doesn't experience much echo of his own voice when he talks. 
I really enjoy the stereo quality that I experience while playing my games using this headset. I've been using it with Borderlands - Pre-Sequel. 
Now, we used these with games on the PC and it's really easy to plug the two connector jacks in, with them being side by side. If you want to use them for the Playstation or other gaming system, you will have to purchase a separate adapter to allow you to do that. We don't have an adapter yet, and we will be getting one soon. 
We are both very impressed with the quality that you get with these gaming headphones at such a fantastic price. 
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I received this product from Sentey in exchange for my honest review. 


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