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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

0 Sentey 4 port USB wall charger

For a family of techies and gadget users like mine, having a USB charging station makes life so much easier. Between my family of four, we have smartphones, tablets, kindles (old and new) and now to add on to all that, we have Bluetooth speakers, headsets and earbuds. All of these things need to be charged and often. That also means you will typically find many of our outlets occupied with someone’s wall charger.

This 4 outlet USB charging station is so convenient. It plugs directly into the outlet and allows you to charge 4 devices by USB at the same time. It only takes up one of the outlet receptacles on the wall, leaving room to be able to use the second for something else. The USB charging station is rather large, as it juts out of the wall much further than any standard outlet.

The top 2 ports are 2.0 capable, which means they are fast charging. They work great for a quick charge. The bottom two ports are 1.0 capable for a standard charging speed.

This USB charging station does come with a travel pouch which is nice to take it with you when you travel. The prongs do not fold down at all, so it doesn’t become travel sized or smaller in anyway. It is nice to have the bag to store it and your extra USB cables in though.

This product is being sold at an extremely reasonable price. It works exactly as it’s advertised and definitely frees up those outlets for you.

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


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