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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

0 FSL Reflex Bluetooth Sport Earbuds Review

Info from the company:
These are the perfect bluetooth headphones for running, working out in the gym, or just daily activity where you want to be free from those annoying wires. Stylish, comfortable and easy-to-use, simply connect these wireless earbuds to your smart phone, tablet, or other Bluetooth enabled device and enjoy your newfound audio freedom. The FSL Reflex are not only the best Bluetooth sports earphones available, they are simply the best Bluetooth earphones.
Stylish, minimalist design
You don't want anything flashy, you just want to listen to your music with no distraction. The FSL Reflex Bluetooth earbuds are black and grey and feature a stylish, minimalistic design that is focused on functionality and user comfort.
Bluetooth connectivity means no wires
Starting today you'll never have to deal with tangled headphone wires, getting caught in headphone wires, or accidentally yanking a headphone out of your ear ever again. Connect easily to your iPhone, iPod, Android smart phone or tablet with the Bluetooth wireless functionality and enjoy hassle-free listening.
Package includes hard case, extra eartips
Wondering if these bluetooth earbuds will fit your ears? Four different sizes of rubber eartips are included, so whether your ears are large or small you're sure to find a comfortable fit. And once you're done listening, zip all the pieces up in the hard case for safe keeping.
Water resistant and sweat-proof
If you're used to running in the rain or working up a heavy sweat in the gym, you won't have to worry about damage to these behind the neck headphones. A rating of IPX-3 makes the FSL Reflex earbuds highly resistant to liquids like rain, sweat and water. They are also backed by a 3 year warranty.

My opinion
I really enjoy trying out new headphones and earbud designs. With my family of four, we each have a different preference. I was thrilled to try out these Future Sound Lab Reflex earbuds. What I was most excited to try them out with was for exercise.  As with most earbud style headphones, I was worried about how they would fit my small ears. 

Out of the package, I have a small zippered case, instruction manual, the wireless headphones, extra silicone tips, and a Micro-usb to USB charging cord. The case is rather, small. As you can see from the pics I can fit it in my small hands and it can also fit in the pocket of loose fitting jeans or a cargo pants pocket. Getting everything back in there and zipping it took me a minute but now I am a pro at packing it all up very quickly. The case also has a little mesh pocket where you can store your charging cord and extra silicone tips. 

The headphones black design. If you look up close you can see they are a little shimmery. They are lightweight and great for exercising. They are much lighter than wearing a pair of regular headphones and you don't have to worry about having cords dangling to deal with. 

Before you use it, I'd recommend you charge them up. Use the included Micro-USB cable and plug it into your headphones. Plug the other end into either your computer us USB wall adapter. I like that is has a little rubber piece that protects the charging bay from getting dust and debris in there. 

Unlike wired earbuds, the way you listen to your device is through bluetooth. It is very easy to connect to your phone or device. Admittedly, even though it is so easy to do, it took me a couple minutes before I got it because apparently I can't read instructions properly. It really is as easy as holding down the button in the middle where you see the play / pause symbols. Hold it down for 6 seconds and it will alternate flashing red, then blue. On your phone or device, search for bluetooth closeby and it will show up. On my BLU Studio Energy phone it shows up as FSL-Reflex. Once you pair it, you won't have to do that connecting process again. From then on, if you have your bluetooth turned on in your device, then it will connect automatically when you power on the headphones. 

Here's the part that always takes me some time to get just right. Getting a comfortable fit with the headphones. Unlike a headband style of headphones that you just toss on your head and go, the wireless headphones need some adjustments. First of all, this pair of headphones comes with 4 different sized silicone tips. The 2nd largest is the one that comes on it. That is way too big for my small ears, so the smallest size is the one that I use. Play with them and see what's most comfortable. This pair of headphones doesn't come with stabilizers. The bulk of it is large enough that is actually fills the space of your groove of your ear. (I don't know the technical term for it) As you can see from the pics, with my small ears, the headphones take up the entire space and is actually in there a little snug. No need for any more stabilizer than that. It's not going anywhere. There is an added feature on this pair of headphones that I've not encountered before, and that is the first section of the cord on either side has a flexible metal that can be positioned and will stay in that position. This way you can position it to fit over your ear comfortably and you don't have to worry about any unneccasary rubbing on the top of your ear. 

While in the open areas of my house, I can hear from one side to the other, however if I have my phone in my bedroom and try to walk out through the living room to my kitchen, the signal breaks up. It sounds great through open areas but not so well through walls. 

To control the headphones, there is a MFB- multi functional button where you can control music; previous / next, power on/off, pair bluetooth, and control volume up/down. 

For an incoming call, it will ring a generic ringtone in your ear while your actual phone plays your custom ringtone. To answer, you press the MFB and it will connect the call. To hang up, you press it again. This is not a feature that I will use often but I did try a few phone calls and it worked well with both sides of the conversation being clear. 

I'm not sure if it's just the fact of the particular phone that I am using, but the volume up / down doesn't work for me. It isn't the most mainstream brand of phone, so that might be why. Every other aspect of the MFB works great. 

I am really happy with the style and overall function of these headphones. Using wireless headphones frees you up from being tied to your phone or device. They work out fantastically at the gym or while jogging.  These actually work out the best of all the wireless headphones I've tried for me because of the snug fit they have in my ear. 

The only downside I can see is the volume function not working and that it does take a little while to get it all positioned to where you like it. Otherwise, I am so happy to have them and use them. 

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Product received in exchange for unbiased review.


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