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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

0 FSL Decimate Ear Protection

Info from the company: 
Perfect for hunting, shooting, drumming, home improvement, construction or even studying in silence, the FSL Decimate safety earmuffs offer a one-stop solution for full hearing protection and noise reduction. Comfortable, durable, affordable and backed by a 3-year warranty, these are the obvious choice for anyone looking to protect their ears.
Rugged and reliable construction
These folding earmuffs are built to endure harsh weather and tough conditions-exactly the kind you might encounter when hunting or shooting outdoors. Durable, high quality materials ensure that these ear defenders will last you through wind, dirt, rain, and more.
Comfortable, adjustable fit
Soft padding allows you to freely spend long hours wearing these noise reduction earmuffs, and fit is adjustable for any head size. Simply slide the cups along the headband to find the perfect fit for you.
Convenient storage
Easily fold these shooting earmuffs in half for efficient storage. The folding mechanism also makes them portable, which means when you take them out on the road they won't take up any more space than necessary.
Eco-friendly, easy-to-open packaging
The FSL ear defenders, unlike many hunting earmuffs, will arrive at your door in easy-open, frustration-free packaging. This packaging is also eco-friendly, because at FSL we value protecting the environment and we know you do too.
Product Specifications
Noise Reduction Rate (NNR): 34dB
Conforms to ANSI/ ISEA S12.42:2010 (S3.19), American National Standard
Includes hassle-free 3 year warranty

My take on it:
I am really pleased with this pair of earmuffs. They are high quality and do a great job at muffling out sound around me while they are on. The earmuffs fit tightly against my head but they don’t put pressure on any one place more than another. This gives an even, comfortable fit. The ear portion fits completely over the ear, so that there is no pressure at all against the ear at all. The earmuffs rest on the side of your head around your ear.
I can see so many uses for these. My first thought was that they’d be great for the kids at the monster truck rally, concerts and fireworks demonstrations. They would also be great for use around guns or heavy machinery. My hubby joked that they would be great for me while I’m sleeping to drown out the noises from the daily bustle and kids during the day and I completely agree. They work great for that. They would also work out great for the kids to get sleep in the car on road trips, without being woken up by the other family members talking and playing music.

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


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