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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

1 Yumms! BBQ Grilling Mat Review

I'm new to using grilling mats and have only recently been introduced to them. I've tried a couple different sized mats.
I'd like to say that I cook on the grill everyday, because I love food cooked on the grill. Sadly, the work that is involved in cleaning the grill always keeps me from it. That is why I like the grilling mats so much. I can cook my food on the grill, without the mess involved with food getting stuck and cooked onto the grates.
I have a decent sized grill, and these fit nicely. The package comes with 2, so I can fit them side by side and have complete coverage of my grilling surface.
The grilling mats are great because they keep food from going between the slats of the grates. I cooked hot dogs, and was able to roll them back and forth very easily, while they still got that "grilled" look to them.
When done, I let it cool down, then simply wash the grilling mat with soapy water. The food slips right off without any scrubbing. Let it dry, and use again.
When you get the product, they are flat in a cardboard sleeve. You can either, put them back in that packaging and store them flat or roll them up for storage. Your preference.
After all is said and done, the mat cleans up in seconds and I don't even have to touch the grates on my grill, because they are already clean.
The mats are also great if you want to cook vegies or food that you would normally worry about slipping between the slats.
I am very pleased with these mats!

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  1. Hi Tiffany. Thank you so much for your great reviews on Yumms! Grill Mat! :) We are pleased to know that you enjoy using it and it helps you to have a more fun and much easier grilling experience! :)


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