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Thursday, April 2, 2015

2 Ultra Flex Knee Brace & Ankle Support Review

Info from the company:
The best way to solve any problem is to avoid having it in the first place!
For that matter, Ultra Flex Athletics launched a package very helpful for men, woman, children that practice all kinds of sports or have problems walking.Both knee brace and ankle brace that comes as a BONUS, were created with the highest standards in the industry and the examinations that tested this product are more than satisfied with what UFA achieved.
People who play Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Wrestling, CrossFit, Golf, Bowling, Fencing, Bicycle Riding, and Soccer are expected to make a lot of fast and dangerous moves during these sports that can provoke injuries.Also our products are recommended to be used by runners, people who go to the gym, lift weights or go to fitness programs.
This products can be used also as a recovery method after knee/ankle surgeries because it relieves knee pain, strains and arthritis. Works best for meniscus tear, arthritis, acl tear and tendonitis. The knee brace combines the mechanical effect of supporting the muscles and ligaments and the heating effect, which causes high blood flow and helps to recover damaged tissues.
Our features:
» silicone strips that will warm up your muscles and prevent slipping
» enforced trim that guarantees integrity at high tension and a long life span
» 80% of neoprene that waterproofs the brace, firmly compresses your knee and covers splints.
» adjustable sizes to provide the best possible grip.
» open patella design will reduce the pressure on the knee without compromising the compression supplied to the muscle area.

I received the Ultra Flex Athletics Knee and Ankle support products in exchange for my honest opinions.
The support that you receive with both knee and ankle products is top-notch. Up till now, I have been using a knee support sleeve, which I still use regularly for everyday use. My right knee has been giving me problems and makes a crunching noise when I bend it. I know it's not good and one of these days, I will see a doctor.

For my review, I'm focused more on the knee than the ankle because that is what gives me problems, however both have a great fit and give firm support. I like that straps allow the brace to conform to your knee and give you a perfect fit. The hole in the knee gives an odd pressure that took a little getting used to, but after regular use, it really makes a difference.

Once you place it and strap it on, there is no movement at all from the brace. That is a huge plus, because I don't have to stop what I'm doing to adjust it. I use mine only when I'm about to do vigorous activity, jog or workout. I can tell a huge difference between when I do these activities without the brace and with it.  It is a little bulky, so I have to wear it with shorts or a very baggy pair of pants. It looks very awkward underneath yoga pants.

This brace set is very comfortable, easy to wear and really does give you the support you need. I highly recommend.
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Disclosure: Product received in exchange for unbiased review.


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