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Thursday, April 16, 2015

0 Dual Cable Clips - Wire Organizer/Cable management Review

Info from company:
The product: Dual Cable Clips - Wire Organizer / Cable Management System - High Quality 3 Pack - Authentic 3M Self Adhesive for Long Lasting Hold - Perfect Cord Organizer for Your TV, iPhone, Smartphone, Cell Phone, Desktop, Computer Wires, USB Cords. AUTHENTIC 3M adhesive means these won't fall off like other brands. GOOD FOR ALL SURFACES, EASY PEEL AND STICK. Works with plastic, wood, glass, metal and more. Only a few seconds to peel and stick your cable clip for immediate use, no tools needed. KEEP YOUR DESK/OFFICE/BEDROOM/ENTERTAINMENT CENTER CLEAN AND ORGANIZED. Tired of all those messy cables? These cable clips will solve your problem and will make sure that your cables are organized and easy accessible for when you need them.

Special features:
-Super strength authentic 3M adhesive, so these clips will keep sticking while others fall off because of low quality adhesive
-Dual cable holders (most stick on clips are single cable holders)

It's no secret that we are all engrossed with technology. We have so many gadgets and devices, not to mention the cords that come with them. I was happy to review these Dual Cable Clips. I've tried cable clips in the past, that held one cord at a time.
These cable clips hold two cords at once.
They are packaged as 3 to a set and are the color black. The product is very straight forward. There is a 3M sticker on the back for easy attachment to your desk, wall, etc. The clip itself is a silicone material that allows cords to be placed or removed easily, but stiff enough that they won't fall out on their own. It requires a little effort on your part to slide the cord from it's groove.
What I find the most useful of these cable clips is to have it attached to my desk, so that I can keep cords in place. Mostly, the cords that I use to charge my devices. When not in use, the charging cords can rest in the cable clip out of sight and out of the way. Use them for standing desks.
Use them to keep all of those cords for your video game systems from getting tangled. They will stick to plastic, wood, metal and glass. I've found that they don't stick to grainy wood as well as the glass top of my desk. I've attached one to the underside of the glass and that keeps the cords out of the way but still accessible.

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