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Thursday, April 16, 2015

0 2 Syono Gel Insoles Review

Info from the company:
The Syono Orthotic Shoe Inserts and Gel Insoles are a set of orthotic insoles and inserts that provide cushioning and support to alleviate pain throughout your body. They absorb the shock your feet receive from everyday motion.

Walking, running, and standing become easier and less painful. Syono Orthotic Shoe Inserts and Gel Insoles are highly recommended for those who stand or walk on hard surfaces all day, those who have constant or recurring foot and heel pain such as plantar fasciitis, and those who would like to get the most out of their day without accumulating the damage done to our feet by daily activities.

Every insole comes over-sized so you can cut them to whatever size you desire.

My take on it:
I have been wearing different types of orthotics for years. I was given the opportunity to try these out and was very excited about trying out a new pair. My feet are a child's size, and these orthotics are made for adult sizes. My daughter is in a women's 7, so I chose these for her and ordered the Women 5-9.

When my daughter had been complaining of her feet aching after running the mile or having gym that day, I hadn't put much stock into it. Kids are kids and their feet change sizes so often, that we are constantly buying them new shoes. I gave these orthotics a shot in her shoes and she really likes how they feel. We've only had them about a week but they are working out really well so far. I actually trimmed off some to make the fit just right into her shoes. Now they won't move around at all in her shoes.

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