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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

0 Cotton Guitar Strap Review

Info from the company:
Cotton Guitar Strap, Classic Black; Strong, Soft, Non-Slip Weave (Not Cheap Nylon) for Acoustic and Electric; Fits Most Sizes, 2" Wide, Adjusts to 56"; Play Standing Up And Improve Performance; Extended Leather Ends; No Logo; 100% Guaranteed!

SOFT COTTON IS THICKER, TOUGHER, and STRONGER over thin nylon or polypropylene guitar straps that are prone to slip and fall off your shoulders and cut into your body due to thinner material ... a problem for kids due to shoulder fatigue.

KIDS GUITAR STRAP for girls and boys since it cinches down to 33.5" for young kids and teenagers, so they can get comfortable with playing bigger guitars too.

PERFECT GUITAR ACCESSORIES to enhance your guitar player style and performance with comfortable, non-sliding feel.

CLASSIC BLACK, NO LOGO DESIGN complements any acoustic or electric guitar without being a brand advertisement.

FITS MOST MEN AND WOMEN BODY SIZES since it extends to 56" for larger sized players and those who prefer a low hanging, full arm strumming, guitar style.

Do You Want a Strong Guitar Strap That Won't Slip, Slide or Fall Off?

Why a Cotton Guitar Strap Beats Out Nylon or Polypropylene?
- Cheaper nylon straps are thinner and cause problems with slipping off shoulders and fatigue from lack of strength
- Cotton straps are thicker and hold up heavier guitars better, especially with movement while playing
- Our extended leather ends provide a more secure fit due to better design and materials over flimsy nylon ends

Compatible for Most Acoustic Guitars and Electric Guitars
- 2 inch wide strap is strong enough to keep guitar stable on all body shapes and sizes
- Adjustable non-slip buckle makes it easy to change strap length range from 33.5 to 56 inches
- Choose between fitting leather ends to strap buttons or using the included string tie to secure above the neck
- Solid classic black color complements appearance of most guitars

Benefits for Beginners, Kids and Anyone Learning How to Play Standing Up
- Teach your kids to play standing up and sitting down using a strap to be ready for performances
- Strong cotton strap holds up guitar to prevent shoulder weariness and accidents
- Woven cotton material is very durable and tough enough to take a beating and a gentle cleaning

Time to Stand Up and Command Rock Star Attention From Friends and Family

100% No Hassle Guarantee 

My opinion: 
I personally have no musical ability at all. That is my hubby's department. Although, I do rock out on the Rock band game occasionally, feeling like a rock star. We have an electric guitar and an acoustic guitar in our house. He wants to get a bass guitar now. One thing that we never really invested in is a good, sturdy strap for any of them. Our acoustic is without strap and the electric has one probably as old as him that is stretched to the point where the strap pulls right off the button. 
Sometimes you just don't realize how poorly conditioned what you have is until you get a new one. That was the case with this strap. It's so much better overall than what we had. 
I like that it's plain black and even the leather ends are black. As you can see in the pics, it goes perfectly.
The material and stitching is very sturdy and comfortable to wear. The adjustable strap is nice, so that it can fit someone as short as me and adjust for a taller person like my hubby. 
It comes with a shoestring style string that you can use for your acoustic guitar. Up till now, I'd never known that is how straps worked on acoustics, because they only have one button. Ours has always been strapless. Hooray, now I know and this strap fits great. It's a great deal for the price listed on Amazon also.  

Buy it on Amazon

Disclosure: I received this product to facilitate this review. Opinions expressed are solely my own. No other compensation was provided. 


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