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Friday, March 27, 2015

0 Compact But Powerful - Led Headlamp Pathbrite!

Product Details

Led Headlamp Pathbrite! - Compact But Powerful

- The PathBrite! is ONE OF THE BRIGHTEST HEADLAMPS ON AMAZON! With 168 lumens a LED headlamp can light up to 110m.

- Ergonomical Comfortable Design, 2 easy-use buttons to immediately choose Red or White light as you want

- 3 alkaline battery AAA INCLUDED, run up to 120 hours - enough for a week of outdoor use. SOS flashing mode can be seen over 1 km.

- Waterproof high rate IPX6: complete protection against water projected in powerful jet

- Adjustable headband comfortably fits on any head size, neither loose nor tight, never bobbing.

Quick shipping with Amazon and free with prime. Package delivered in tact with no damage.
Out of the box:
Packaged in cardboard and plastic. Included Pathbrite headlamp. It requires 3 AAA batteries that are included. (big plus that they include them)
Design / Aesthetics:
Lightweight plastic design with stretchy adjustable band. Buttons at the top are easy to press and the tilt function moves easily but stays in place once you adjust it.  There is colorful writing along the band.
Put it to use:
I've tried headlamps before, so they are not foreign to me. They are so great to use while exercising at night. I would love to say that I go running, but it's more of a very slow jog, if I'm being honest. But I get out there and try and it's usually at night because I work a night shift. My days off are spent on the same schedule with me performing most of my daily activities at night. I did feel a bit silly the first time I wore a headlamp to go out, but after you reap the benefits of having the light to guide you, that goes out the window.
It has many settings that include white light in 3 different brightnesses. A flashing S.O.S. signal, a constant red light and flashing red light setting.
Use this outdoors, for power outages, or even to read in the car. So many uses for it and I encourage you to check it out.  A huge selling point for this product over other headlamps is that it is waterproof. That makes it a great outdoorsman companion.
I keep mine at home and use it more for jogging, but you could also keep it with your camping gear or in the back of your vehicle in case you have to change a tire on the side of the road and want a light on your situation while still being hands-free.
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Disclosure; product received in exchange for honest review.
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