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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

4 WashGuard - Lingerie Bags for Laundry Review + Giveaway

Info from the Company:
Sold in single and double packs of both medium and large size bags.

This ultra fine, premium, mesh laundry bag is the SECRET to keeping your delicate clothing looking like new and the SAFEST way to clean expensive lingerie, stockings and underwear.

- This specially constructed wash bag is made of a high quality polyester mesh blend that protects fabric and causes no abrasion from the bag itself.
- Save the cost of replacing your garments because of damage or excessive wear due to washing, even on the delicate cycle and NEVER deal with knotted hosiery again.

This special bag is safe to use in all wash cycles and with all detergents.

The construction quality and the grade of materials is the best on the market today.
Our medium bag measures approximately 12 x 16 inches, the right size for camisoles, blouses, skirts, dresses, a couple of scarves and 2-3 pairs of socks.

Our large bag measures approximately 15 x 20 inches, great for everything our medium bag is designed for as well as sweaters, small throws, fine bedding (pillow cases, shams, dust ruffles or sheets), baby blankets and more...

Don't Stop There However...

Spare yourself the frustration caused by lost socks, knotted hosiery and stretched out sweaters.
Sometimes a set of keys, a credit card or pocket change can end up in the laundry. Special fabric clothes (like mosture wicking sports material) end up nappy or torn.

Not any more.

This is the only lingerie wash bag protected by a lifetime, no-hassle replacement guarantee.

  • *2015 DESIGN AND MATERIAL* - Ultra fine and silky soft non-abrasive mesh won't harm your delicate fabrics.

    *PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION* - Tightly stitched, these premium lingerie wash bags will protect your finest garments for years.

    *LASTING* - Our strong wash bags are made from stain, stretch and tear resistant material.

    *RISK FREE* - Your product is protected by our exclusive IX Better Home guarantee - You will love these premium lingerie wash bags or your money back. THIS BUSINESS SERVES YOU FIRST.

My opinion:
There are a lot of things I don't like about doing laundry.....well, pretty much every part of it I dislike. A couple of my issues are damaged clothes such as delicates or clothes that are embossed and lost little clothes like socks. I swear there is a little sock monster that is eating them. 
Washguard is a lingerie bag for laundry that can solve 2 of my many problems with laundry. You might have tried mesh laundry bags before and I have too, but this line of bags are of the highest quality. 
The mesh is ultra-fine and very soft. The zipper is plastic and has a little flap that you can push it into, so that even the zipper won't do any damage. You won't have to worry about any snags, twisting, knotting or napping caused by your washer. I have ruined many bras and other clothes with them catching on each other and getting twisted and stretched too far, pulling them apart at the seams during the wash. I also have issues with clothing with strings like hoodies and pj bottoms knotting up and doing the same. 

With this mesh bag, it's so easy, you just put your items into the bag, and toss in with your other clothes. The bag will keep them together, while at the same time washing them to the same standards as the rest of your load. It can even go in the dryer. 

I like to use mine, not only for my delicates, but for socks. As they go in, I put the socks into the bag as matches, so that when I fold them, they are all together and can be put away without the frustration of finding the other sock. You can buy a few of them and assign each person their own bag, and keep everyone's separate. 

The cost is extremely reasonable to buy yourself a few of them.

Check it out on Amazon 
and enter to win below:

Disclosure: Product received in exchange for unbiased review.


  1. Love laundry bags. This one sounds great!

  2. This product sounds wonderful. I don't know how many bras that got ruined in the wash but this would eliminate that. dwelchert at yahoo dot com

  3. I love Lingerie Bags. I can't wait to try this product.
    Thanks for the chance!

  4. I need these really bad, didn't know anything like this exsited


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