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Monday, February 23, 2015

0 Set of 2 20-Ounce Double Wall Bottles Review

I've worked with Francois et Mimi with reviews on a couple of products and they provide top-quality products and I have always been pleased. 

This set of 2 20oz double wall bottles are no exception. First of all, the aesthetic is very pleasing. The color is white with stainless steel inside. Top is grey with blue accent. I was pleasantly surprised at how light these are considering that they are made of stainless steel. They are BPA Free and built with a double wall, so that it keeps your drink insulated. 

The size is perfect, as you can hold it in your hand easily to drink and they fit in all of my drink holders. They even fit nicely in the pouches on the side of my lunch box and bookbag. With the insulated walls, it makes this a perfect container for cold water. 

They are incredibly sturdy and have already survived me dropping one without a dent. As a mom of 2 kids, that is a plus. I've had problems in the past with stainless steel bottles leaking and was pleased to see that with these, there was no leaking at all. 

There is a tiny little rubber valve meant to keep air in/out that can be pressed and pushed out of it's hole in the top portion. Leave well enough alone and it will be fine, however if you are like me, you will keep pushing down that little bump and push it out. Still works great, but not as spill-proof without that little valve. Make sure you don't push it out and lose it. 

There is a flip-up straw that has a soft rubber mouthpiece to drink from. This is a feature that I great for my daughter, because she bites down when drinking out of straws. I can't tell you how many containers I have with teeth marks all over the mouthpiece from her. With this rubbery end, you don't have that issue. 

With these bottles, with the design, it is very difficult to clean without a long bottle brush. I would recommend keeping these as water only. Make a goal for yourself to drink a certain amount of these a day of water. They are my official water drinking container now. I take one to work with me every day and use my other containers for coffee, smoothies, etc. (pic of it at my desk at work)

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Disclosure: Product received in exchange for unbiased review.


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