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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

4 Miggo Review + Giveaway

Miggo brings you two innovative products that are not only stylish camera straps, but double as protective camera cases.

I have a Nikon camera which is a little more bulky and a Sony cybershot camera which is tiny. The Nikon is by far, my preferred camera, with it's amazing zoom properties and it delivers a more steady shot. The Sony is more convenient due to it's small size but doesn't take as clear a picture. Obviously I prefer to take pictures with the Nikon but it's not always convenient to take with me due to it's bulky nature. 

The type of straps that come with the Nikon are not the most comfortable when worn for a day while out and can wear into your neck. The alternative is taking a cumbersome camera bag with you to store it in. The Miggo is my solution to the problem. I can wear my camera comfortably when I go out. There are two different products I'd like to show you, the Grip & Wrap and the Strap & Wrap. These products are made from high quality energy-absorbing Neopreme and soft Lycra materials. These designs are made to fit Mirrorless (CSC) or DSLR camera styles and are available in seven patterns to choose from. 

Grip & Wrap (pictured above)
The design is Space Zoo which looks like a stick cartoon dog with black background. The material is very soft with padding inside. This one is meant to hold on your wrist and have the ability to wrap it up afterward. There is also a carrying handle to hold while it's wrapped up. In these pics, I used my Nikon camera. There is an anchoring point in the middle where you screw your camera into it at the point on the bottom that you would use for a tripod. It's easy to screw on and you can do it with pressure from your hand alone, no tools needed. Secure it, take it with you on your wrist and wrap it when you are done. 
To wrap, it's as simple as folding the Miggo up and over itself. There is a convenient opening for the camera lens that has a little extra give, in case you have a longer lens. At the front is a pocket to keep your lens cap. While wrapped, it is protected from damage and you can store in your purse or bag. This eliminates the need to carry the extra camera bag around with you.  

Strap & Wrap (pictured above)
The design is Royal Wings which displayes butterflies with a black background. The material is the same soft and padded. This design is to carry the camera on your neck or across your body and wrap it up when not in use. in these pics, I used my Nikon camera and also tried it out with my little Sony camera with the bottom picture. 

You anchor your camera by screwing it on, and this design has a slot that you can use a coin to tighten fully. There is an additional anchoring method with a cord that you can attach to the slot on the side of your camera for extra security. After securing your camera to the Miggo, you can unzip the zipper that runs along the length in the middle and wear around your neck or even wear crossways on your body. The Miggo is comfortable on your neck and can be worn for a long period of time without chafing or rubbing like traditional camera straps. There is a slot on the back for the camera lens. 

After you are done using it, you zip it up, and wrap around the camera, securing it with the neck loop. This keeps your camera secure and protected. You can keep in your purse or bag instead of carrying that extra camera bag around with you. This is a perfect fit for my Nikon and I prefer it over the wrist strap design.

Whether you choose the Grip & Wrap or the Strap & Wrap design, you will sure to be pleased with the Miggo line. I really enjoy the comfort of the padded design that is unsurpassed by other products I've tried in the past. You also have the added comfort of knowing that your camera is protected and can be stored in your own purse, bag or stroller without having to carry the extra camera bag. We parents have enough stuff to carry around with us! 

Check them out here and enter to win one of these designs below. 

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Disclosure: Products received in exchange for unbiased review.


  1. I always wanted one of these stylish strap or wrap for my camera. Sometimes when I am just holding it myself I feel like I will drop it and it'll be the end of my camera, so this will come in handy for me.

  2. I would love to give this for a gift to my sister-in-law, she would love it.
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  3. I could really use this for my camera!

  4. This would be so nice! I love that it has a place for your lens cap,I'm always just shoving it in my pocket and I'm afraid I'll lose it!


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