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Monday, February 23, 2015

0 Limm Sports Armband for iPhone 6 and Samsung S5 Review

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Calling all of my active people! I would like to group myself in that category also, even though I'm sure you will all put me to shame. I give it a grand attempt, walking and jogging a couple times a week. Doing product reviews such as this that make my journey a lot more convenient are what keep me going. 

1- Armband is compatible with iPhone 6 (4.7’’) (without a case, but might fit with a slim case).
2- Armband is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S5 and S4 and S3 (without a case).
3- Armband is compatible with HTC One, Nexus 5 and Amazon Fire Phone (without a case)

-Arm Size: Average (yellow logo): Strap fits 10-3/4'' to 16-1/8'' arm circumferences

The Limm Sports Armband really is the perfect armband to wear while exercising. You can wear it in most conditions, feeling safe that your phone is protected. 

The armband seems paper thin. You'd think it was flimsy and that you might tear it but it is surprisingly durable. Because it is so thin, it is extremely lightweight. You won't feel off-kilter or unbalanced at all. I've tried others in the past that were a lot more bulky and that was the case for me. 

I have a Galaxy S3 and it fits in there nicely without the case. It will not fit with the case on. The front of the armband has a clear plastic sheet that you can still access your phone screen through. u can still push buttons, and use the phone screen without having to take it out of the armband. 

There is a slot for a key on the side of the front, that really is just big enough for a single key. This way you can put just your house or your car key in there, leaving your other keys and belongings in your car or house. If you have a bulky car key, you might have to use a carabiner or something else for that purpose though.  You can even put a couple dollars in there if you need to, if they are folded up smaller.

The back has a soft material that has a gentle feel against your arm. (No chafing) At the top and bottom are little slots for your earbud wires to go through. I had room for my phone with the earbuds attached, fitting in there with no problems.

The material is made of a protectant material so that moisture won't get in. You can still jog in a light rain or even sweat a bunch and the phone won't be damaged.

I really do enjoy this armband. It is absolutely better than any that I've tried in the past. Because it's so lightweight and comfortable, you really do forget that you have it on. Listen to your music without worries.

They offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, which is reassuring when buying a new product.

Buy it on Amazon

Disclosure: Product received in exchange for unbiased review.


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