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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

0 Spiral Vegetable Slicer for Healthy Salads/Pasta Review

For about the past 6 months, I've been a journey to get healthy, eat better and hopefully in the process, lose some weight. A big part of that journey involves eating more and I mean a lot MORE vegies in my diet. I have them at almost every meal and have even started drinking shakes that contain vegies. Needless to say, it can get boring, eating them the same way all the time. 

I'd like to show you my experience with the Kitchen Supreme Spiral Slicer. The idea is to cut your favorite vegies like cucumber, squash and carrots into spaghetti-like slices and use that instead of pasta. 

Delivered via Amazon prime. Quick shipping and delivered in tact. 

Out of the box: Complete Spiralizer Bundle: The Kitchen Supreme Spiralizer + Flexible Cleaning Brush + Storage Bag
Included digital content:Spiral Slicer Recipes Digital Cookbook + Rapid Results Digital Guidebook - 101 Power Tips for a Fitter, Healthier You 

Design / Aesthetics
The slicer comes with a storage bag. The slicer itself, is smaller than I expected, so it really can be stored quite easily. The blades inside the cones are extremely sharp. You would not want to put your finger down in there for anything. That is why it includes a brush to help with cleaning it. 

Put it to use
The blades are a little scary at first, and I must stress that I was very careful to avoid getting my digits anywhere near them. I peeled an english cucumber and put in there, twisting in a clockwise motion. As I did so, it pumped out spaghetti-like strands of cucumber. After a couple inches of cucumber, it did start to mash up inside the slicer, so I had to use the brush to clean it out before continuing. Once you get to the end, there is also a plastic piece you can use to push and rotate the vegie so you won't have to get your fingers close. As you can see in the pics, it cuts pretty evenly, so you have the same sizes throughout.
I added it to my salad in that form, and I actually prefer that instead of sliced cucumber. The cucumber is a very water-rich and is very soft. I imagine that if I had carrots or even squash it would be a more firm cut and wouldn't have mushy spots like with the cucumber.My cucumber-spaghetti in my salad, as you can see in the pic and was delicious.
Cleanup is a breeze with the little brush that they include.
At first I was thinking there wasn't much use for the storage bag, because you wouldn't have a need to travel and slice on-the-go. I was wrong, however because not only does it keep the slicer, pusher cap and brush all together, so nothing gets lost, but it is a nice buffer so you don't accidentally grab into a cabinet or drawer for something and cut yourself on the blades. 

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