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Friday, January 23, 2015

0 Power Tek Flash Premium LED Headlamp Review

Do you need a light source for reading, running, or even camping? Power Tek offers a headlamp that  offers a convenience for you on all fronts. Whether you've been shopping for a headlamp or maybe not even considered it before, I encourage you to check this out.

To be honest, I was not actively seeking out a headlamp, but when given the opportunity to try it out, my mind starting reeling with how I could put one to use. Firstly, I thought about using it for reading, then I thought about my midnight jogs / walks that I could use it for. I'm not really much of a camper or outdoors-man,  but there are so many reasons to use it while out camping or even while outside and working on the engine of your vehicle. 

Some info from the company:
Power Tek's new Flash headlamp offers the highest brightness you can get out of a compact LED headlamp.
You Are in Control to Get the Perfect Light for Any Situation: 
- 168 Lumen "High Beam" for a spot light that shines up to 110 meters 
- Three brightness settings: High, med, low, including SOS for emergencies 
- Two Red LEDs ideal for reading, preserving night vision, or not disturbing others 
- Red strobe light to ensure being seen by others

Extra-long battery life by using only the light you need: 30 hours at max, 55 hours at med, 120 hours at low.

Durable, Reliable, and Versatile
- Quality construction - CE, Energy Star, and RoHS certified 
- 3 ounces so it doesn't "bob" when you run 
- Water resistant rated to IPX6 - protects against splashing or spraying from any angle 
- A hands-free flashlight for your toolbox or emergency kit

Easy-to-use two button control.

Ultimate Multi-Purpose Headlamp Perfect for: 
- Camping, hiking, or caving 
- Running, walking, or biking 
- Plumbing, electrical, or other household work 
- Boating, canoeing, or kayaking 
- Walking your dog where "hands-free to scoop" is important

Quick shipping with Amazon and free with prime. Package delivered in tact with no damage. 

Out of the box: 
Packaged in cardboard and plastic. Included Power Tek headlamp. It requires 3 AAA batteries that are not included.

Design / Aesthetics:
Lightweight plastic design with stretchy adjustable band. Buttons at the top are easy to press and the tilt function moves easily but stays in place once you adjust it. 

Put it to use:
Ok, so the techy stuff is above in green. I'll give you my non-techy take on it. When I first tried it out, I'll admit my vanity took a hit a little, because it definitely isn't attractive, per say, to be wearing headgear. That lasted about a second and a half till my mind started giving me all the options I could use it for. Now I want to wear it to go running (or let's face it, it's more of a slow jog) and will wear it proudly. There are different lighting options. Obviously the majority of the time, you'd want to use the white light, however there is also a red light that you could use as a low light source so you won't bother anyone else, like when you are reading in the car. Hopefully I'd never have to use it, however I like that it has an SOS function that I could use if stranded. 

True story: I received this product a few days ago, and have been tinkering with ideas of how I would use it, if the need came about, but hadn't actually used it. I get a call from my husband just a few hours ago at about 4am while he is driving home from work, and he had ran out of gas. He was stuck on the side of the road and this is not the first time this has happened. Last time, we used a cell phone flash to attempt to see what we were doing. That wasn't very effective. This time, I knew that I had the Power Tek headlamp sitting there, so I scooped it up on my way out the door to bring him gas. I used the headlamp to shine light, while he put the gas into his vehicle. It was such a life-saver. 

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