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Friday, January 23, 2015

0 MeasuPro Thermometer DCT250 Review

Do you wish you could get that perfectly cooked meat? You may already be using a meat thermometer and just have to go back in and check it occasionally to ensure it's being cooked thoroughly. I recommend you check out the MeasuPro Digital cooking thermometer. 
I got the opportunity to try out the DCT250 model which is a digital thermometer that has a timer.
Arrived quickly via Amazon. Package was intact and undamaged. I used prime which is always reliable. 
Out of the box:
The packaging is encased in plastic, crimped on the sides where you most certainly will need to cut it open. Included is the thermometer, the probe with wire and plug, a AAA battery and instructions. 
Design / Aesthetics:
The thermometer is light and is silver with white buttons. The buttons are easy to press and easy to read. The top portion that has the digital readout raises and lowers. This way you can store it in the lowered position which is very convenient, especially if you keep it in a drawer like I do. There are magnets on the back, so you can attach it to a magnetic surface. If I want more room on the stove, and don't want that sitting there, attach it with a magnet to the hood over the stove.
Put it to use: 
 You can use this in temps from 32°F to 392°F. It's so simple to use. You turn on the thermometer. When the probe is plugged in, it will display the current temp of the meat on the screen. While the Alert button on the left is turned off, you set your desired temp that you want it to beep at and turn it on. The good thing about the wire, is you have 36 inches. You put the meat into the oven, grill, crock pot, etc. Keep the thermometer away from the heat. The good thing about putting it into the oven, is that the wire is thin enough that you won't lose any heat through the seal. That is all you have to do, so simple. Now wait for the beeping and you have perfectly cooked meat.  
There is also an option to set a timer. For instance, if you want to go back and check it or baste every so often, you can set the timer to remind you. 
The old way without this, would be to continue checking the temp occasionally with a non-digital thermometer, letting out all of the heat each time. With the digital thermometer, it saves you time and also helps to ensure your meat has a steady source of heat and cooks evenly. 
Cleanup is easy. You unplug the probe / wire / plug and wipe it down. Be careful not to plug it back in if it is wet at all. Dry it off before using again. 
This product is so easy to use and works exactly as it's supposed to. I am pleased to have had the opportunity to try it out. 
Buy it on Amazon

Check out my review on the other model DCT350. That review is very similar as it has some of the same features, however it is a more advanced version that is more convenient in the way that it sets the temp for you based on what meat you cook and desired doneness level. It also has a series of alerts before, during and after the meat is the desired temp. Basically, the difference between the two is that the DCT350 is more advanced, while the DCT250 is a more basic version. 
Both work great, it will just depend on a matter of preference for which one to choose. The DCT250 is less expensive.  


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