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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

0 Influenster #VitalityVoxBox

As a member of Influenster, I occasionally get sent boxes to goodies to try out. Sometimes they are brand new products that I've never heard of and some are products that I've been lucky enough to try out. It's so random when I get a box but I was pleasantly surprised to open this box.
Here's a rundown of what was inside:

 Pure Leaf Unsweetened Tea. This is from the Lipton brand and I was pleased with the product. It has a unique shape to the bottle, very squarish. I'm a sucker for unique packaging. I personally usually drink my hot tea unsweetened and my cold tea sweetened but I did enjoy this cold tea being unsweetened. I brought it with me to work and It was very yummy.

 Bikini Ready energy gummies. They are great to give you some energy and boost that metabolism for workouts to get your body Bikini Ready. 

I can admit that I am far from Bikini Ready myself but am working toward my goals. The gummies are covered in a fine sugar. At first taste, they have a strong fruit flavor, as you continue to chew, they take on more of a vitamin flavor. If you've ever tried or used anything with Vitamin B in it, you will recognize that flavor that I'm speaking of. It's not off-putting but not as sweet and fruity as when you start out. I can't speak for any results with actual weight loss, but I can vouch that they do give you a boost of energy. I've been using them daily as a supplement. 
 Playtex tampons. Tried and True and product that has been a part of my life since I was a teen. I like that this new line is geared toward sport. It is supposed to have more odor shield protection. The aroma isn't unappealing but it is very strong. It seems that is how it combats odor, by outpowering it. I have donated the box to my daughter and it now has a home in her bathroom.
 Receiving products such as these are always a little awkward to review. I don't have burns on regular basis and thank goodness for that. It is always nice to have products on hand just in case though. I have used First Degree products in the past and can vouch that they work splendidly. I haven't had a burn since receiving this, so I cannot speak for how it works, but I am keeping it handy with my first aid kit just in case.
 Elizabeth Arden's Flawless Future. I received this little spray bottle of this product. It has visually appealing with it's pearl-like beads inside. The product has a nice scent and spreads on well. It really does leave my face feeling fresh and soft. I can't speak for long-term use but I really do enjoy this part of the box.
I saved my favorite for last. The Softlips Cube. Did I mention that I am a sucker for unique packaging? Well, this is a very cool cube shape that unscrews. The actual balm is rounded and very easy to apply to your lips. It is long lasting. I reapply a couple times a day and after meals. Whereas I do love the packaging, it's a little awkward to keep in your pocket because of it's shape, but I do keep it in my purse for every day, several times a day use.

Overall I am very pleased with my box. I will continue to use the products and very well may re-purchase some in the future.

I received this box free of charge from Influenster in exchange for my opinions. No other compensation was received.


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