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Sunday, March 9, 2014

0 Our #DisneySide Celebration

Disney has always been a part of our lives, from day one. I live in Florida, and Disney is only about an hour and a half from here, so we see Mickey and Minnie everywhere. I've always been curious if Disney was such a big part of local culture in other areas, other than Florida. We are surrounded by Disney products and our favorite characters and I love it.
My kids are now in tween / teen ages and don't necessarily watch Disney cartoons in the mornings like they used to but we still love our classic Disney films and the occasional visit to Disney to ride the awesome rides. I wish we could go more often. 

I got the opportunity to participate in the Disney at home #DisneySide Celebration. We received a kit to throw an awesome party with Disney themed decorations and activities. 
 The whole concept of having a big party at our house didn't pan out like I'd hope, so I adapted. We had a small kids Disney party at our house. Here is the settup of our table with all the awesome decorations they provided. There were a lot more of those yellow balloons. My goodness, with all those balloons, the kids just want to pop them right away. That is always a highlight of a party with the pop pop of balloons.
 There was a few items in the kit that were meant to use to participate in Disney Runs or Disney Sports such as these fun cheer cards where you are supposed to write the name of the person you are cheering for on them. There was also a bunch of rubber armbands and transparent stickers that look like they go on the back of a vehicle. I wasn't sure what to do with those, but I passed them out to not only the party-goers but my co-workers.
 These are so much fun. There are Disney cookie cutters and a set of measuring cups that go with The Chew. There was also some fun recipes that I really want to try from The Chew.
 The kit included this awesome Iphone 5 case. I do not have an Iphone 5, so this will most likely be given out to a lucky reader in a giveaway soon. Keep your eyes out for that.
 Fun, healthy snacks for the kids. There were several boxes of Craisins, so I included those, some carrot sticks and made mini-sandwiches, and used the Disney cookie cutters to put them into fun shapes. Big hit with kids!
 Here is an overall look of most of what came in the kit. At the top of the pic, you can see a stack of large pink card and envelope sets. They are absolutely adorable. They each have their own envelope, so you can write a fun message and send to a loved one through the mail. I am looking to find a frame to put it up in my daughter's room as a work of art because I think they are adorable.

With some items, I took to my work and shared with my co-workers because I want to spread the Disney love to everyone I can and allow us all to express our #Disneyside. There was several packs of HP photo paper included, so you can make your own cards. I sent them home with party go-ers and shared with my co-workers as well.
 Here are a couple of the games provided. We got to play some fun Disney Trivia and Bingo. These are fun for the kids.
Cleaning off the table, our kitty Locket also wanted in on the action. He's being a camera hog! What a cutie. 

I am so grateful for being allowed to participate in this opportunity and we had so much fun showing our #Disneyside. I apologize that most of my pictures are of the prep and not many taken throughout but I get sidetracked when hosting and somehow didn't get a lot of them during the party. 

Disclosure: I received the party kit from Disney and MomSelect. No other compensation was provided. 


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