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Thursday, January 9, 2014

0 Sol Republic Headphones Review

Sol Republic offers a variety of headphones, speakers, and products to help you get the best sound quality while listening to what you love. Sol Republic offers products that range from $39 to $199 and work for a wide range of people and personalities. Whether you are a business traveler, multi-tasking mom, or teen that wants to look cool with their new headphones, Sol Republic has something to offer. 

I got the opportunity to try out the Tracks HD Headphones. They are wired headphones that are interchangeable and customizable. Straight out of the box, you get the various parts and assemble them yourself. Each one of the parts can be changed out with another pair, if you wanted different color combinations. The ones I have are white. 

It's very easy to connect the parts together. The speakers fit snuggly onto the headband, so it takes a little umph to get them in the exact spot, but you know that they won't be slipping around and they'll maintain that snug fit. I have a smaller head, and have always had issues with finding headphones that go small enough and still fit well. With these, I was able to fit it to my head perfectly. 

The headphones are virtually indestructible. You can literally twist them around every which way and they won't break. That means they can withstand the wear and tear of me putting them into my bag constantly, and the kids battling over them in the backseat to watch DVDs in the car. 

The music and phone control has a total of four buttons. The instructions don't give a phone lot of details on what each one does, but after playing around with them and whatever device you use, it will be more clear. For instance, I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone, and I discovered that the plus sign will reject and incoming call, while the minus sign will answer one. Holding down the center buttons will prompt the Speak function.

Last but not least, is how do they work?........Amazing! Before I was using earbuds and a pair of headphones that are about 10 years old. The Sol Republic headphones runs circles around any other that I've tried. They have a noise cancelling effect, to where the noises around you are muffled, if not cancelled out completely while the sound coming from your device is crisp, clear and loud. It's amazing the detail you hear in the music and the bass is perfect. I cannot gush over it enough. 

Overall, I am so incredibly pleased with my Sol Republic headphones. All opinions that I have are positive. I do have to be careful with a cartilage piercing at the top of my ear, as it tends to get sore if I have too much pressure on it for too long, when I simply cannot take these headphones off, but that is nothing against the headphones. 

The headphones come with a one year warranty. There are many more options than just this set of headphones that Sol Republic offers. I encourage you to check them out here.  
Disclaimer: Tiff's Pixie Dust was provided a sample of this product to review. No other compeensation was provided. The opinions here are mine.


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