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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

0 BubbleBum Carseat Review

I've been introduced to a new product that I am truly amazed by. I review a lot of things that have competitor products, but this one is truly unique to me. 

BubbleBum is the name, and it is an inflatable car booster seat. It is extremely lightweight, weighing less than half a pound and extremely portable. 

BubbleBum is made for children ages 4 to 11 and meets all U.S. safety standards. 
 Out of the box opinion:  First of all, I love the coloring! It is bright and fun. The purple pouch that it comes in is a super soft stretchy material that is held together at the top with a drawstring. This is what you will store your Bubblebum in when not in use. It is very compact and can fit most anywhere. 

 It is very easy to use. Just take it out of the purple pouch, then use the black air valve to blow it up. To activate the air valve, you just unscrew it a little, blow it up manually (which doesn't take long at all), then screw it closed as you finish out your airing it up. Now it is blown up. See pics below.

It is ready to install into your car. Very simple process and similar to other booster seats, you run the lap belts through the red clasps and the shoulder part of the belt runs across the child's chest. 
 They have provided this shoulder strap for those little ones that complain that the shoulder belt sits too high or rubs on their neck. (My daughter always complains about it rubbing against her neck and face). With the shoulder strap, you hook on the back of the booster seat and it runs along the back of the child, while the other end clasps onto the shoulder part of the seat belt strap. That way they will have the seat belt positioned in the correct way. This part obviously is optional but may make your child a happy camper if they complain about seat belts like mine. 
 When you are done, the process to put it away is the simplest of all. You just unscrew the air valve, fold the seat in on itself, and put it back in the purple pouch for storage. 

I really am impressed by this product. It's great for a child that you have in a booster seat every day, as well as those that have a child visiting with them. This is great for a trip to grandma's or if a babysitter needs to take the child out. You don't have the bulky seat to trade back and forth. Another use is to take on airplanes, buses, or public transportation. 

I encourage you to check out BubbleBum. They retail for a respectable price of $39.99. Very affordable and found at retailers near you.

Disclaimer: I was provided a sample of this product for review. No other compensation was provided. The opinions here are my own.


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