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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

0 Cheribundi Review and Giveaway Ends 03-15

I have reviewed many different drinks and snacks, always keeping in mind not only how I enjoy the products, but how my husband and children enjoy them. I was so pleased to get the opportunity to try out cheribundi. It's a line of juice and tea drinks that is completely new to me. cheribundi is a drink line that's primary niche is their use of cherries to make a drink that is no only delicious, but has health benefits as well. 
I've known for a long time that tart cherries have beneficial properties. They are great for runners, athletes, and basically very active people, especially as the cherries can reduce pain and inflammation. Even those that suffer from gout, arthritis, and inflammatory disease can benefit from cherries. A new thing that I've discovered is that tart cherries contain melatonin, which promotes a more restful sleep. 
So, we know that cherries are awesome and I absolutely love them. The problem with my shopping habits, is that I rarely actually buy cherries. Considering the cost, availability and just remembering to get them, it isn't very often I get the benefit. With cheribundi, you can get the same benefit, but in their delicious drinks. Their Refresh line contains 20 cherries per bottle, and the Teas contain 5 cherries per bottle. 

I got the opportunity to try both the Refresh line and the Tea line, with their sampler pack. Before I even tried them, I kept seeing "tart cherries" here and there and was nervous that it would be too tart or even worse, not sweet at all. Then I tried them. I am so happy to report that my assumptions could not be further from the truth. 
They are a great mixture of tart cherries and sweetness. The Refresh line is much more sweet than the tea line and my kids enjoyed those more.  I was suprised to find out that my kids actually liked the tea line too. They are very hard to please when it comes to anything new. I had to convince my daughter to even try them because she had herself convinced that she doesn't like cherries because she doesn't like the skin. Once I proved to her that the drink doesn't actually have the cherry skin in it, she tried it and loved it. Their first reaction was to ask me if they can take them in their lunches to school. 
With the sampler pack, I received 12 bottles to try out. The Teas aren't as sweet and they are full of unique tea flavor. 
Cherry Pomegranate
Cherry Cranberry
Cherry Blueberry 
Cherry Raspberry (x2)
Cherry Lemonade
Cherry Black Tea (x2)
Cherry Green Tea
Cherry Jasmine Tea
Cherry Rooibos Tea (x2)

Each and every one that I've tried, I really have enjoyed. Normally with a sampler like this, I have some I don't care for, but with this cheribundi pack, I like them all. I have to say that my favorite one is the Cherry Pomegranate. It is absolutely delicious. 
The bottles are 16.9 fl oz, which is perfect for on-the-go. I've been bringing mine to work with me and let the kids bring a couple to lunch with them. They are already asking how we can get some more. I checked for my area and they are only sold at health food type stores near me, but I see that you can buy them through the cheribundi site also. It is a tad pricey, but if you just get a 4-pack trial for around 11 dollars, you can try them out. You just might fall head-over heels like I did. Fingers crossed, these will blow up in popularity once everyone tries them out and I can see them on the shelves of my local Publix. A girl can hope :)

One lucky Tiff's Pixie Dust Reader will get the opportunity to win a sampler pack just like I reviewed. 
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Disclaimer: I was provided a sample of this product for review. No other compensation was provided. The opinions here are my own.


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