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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

0 Bug Patch Review

A safe and natural insect repellant patch
Say good-bye to bugs and messy sprays

I'm in Florida and with our warm climate, mosquitos are a big problem. Especially where I live, in a rural community where there are a lot of trees and there are small bodies of water nearby, it's a breeding ground for mosquitos and other very annoying bugs. It's pretty much a given that you go outside around dusk for anything, even going to your car, you will have to fend off mosquitos. 

When introduced to the bugpatch, I was truly intrigued. Up to now, I have tried all the sprays, etc which do work, however you are covered with bug spray. It's not fun. With the bugpatch, it's so simple, you just apply it and wear it outside. It's all natural and deet-free. Using bugpatch is one more step toward a greener, more eco-friendly approach to life. You can keep your family safe and healthy, while knowing you are doing your part for the environment too. 
Now a little about the product itself..... I received two packets that contain 6 patches each. It's conveniently packaged to take along with you to go camping, enjoying the outdoors, or if you are at my house, even going outside. I have kept them in my mommy purse along with my other ready-at-a-moment's-notice necessities. The patch is very thin and has a little bit of texture to it, as you can see in the pic above. It has no scent, so no worry about smelling like a can of bug spray. It can be worn for up to 2 days to repel those bugs. One more thing that I discovered is it works for No-See-Ums. I'm in Florida and especially during the warm months, they are so annoying. They literally sneak up on you and all of a sudden your arms are itching and you don't know why. These patches work for them too. 
The patch works by actually sending a stream of Vitamin B1 through your blood stream, which you secrete through your pores through sweat. That masks the odor of carbon dioxide which is what actually attracts the bugs. That means, it works for your whole body. It's not the patch itself that repels the bugs, but your whole body. Apply it a couple hours before you'll be needing it so you can be sure that it is spread through your system and will continue working for up to 12 hours after it is removed. 
You can use it for children one year or over so it even works for those busy body toddlers that want to play outside. No more chasing the little ones around to re-apply. You don't have to worry about the patch washing off in the pool or shower.  I was really pleased with the product and would definitely recommend it, especially if you are planning an outdoors trip. 
Check them out online. They have a range of sizing available to suite your needs. 
Disclaimer: I was provided a sample of this product for review. No other compensation was provided. The opinions here are my own.                                                                                           


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