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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

0 ECHOage

ECHOage is a new approach to your children's birthday that promotes self-awareness in what your child can do to help out and be more eco-friendly, while at the same time getting the birthday present they really wanted. 
I've recently been introduced to this site and I am truly intrigued. We all have the big blowout birthday parties for our children and they get tons of gifts that are usually toys or games that the kids hardly use and/or get broken. With ECHOage, you can organize a birthday party where the loved ones you invite can go in on a gift, while at the same time, promoting a charity. The child gets what they want and the charity gets a donation.

I have two kids and their schools are just now starting to get the kids involved in recycling and being more earth friendly. My daughter is involved with the K-Kids program through her school and does a lot to help out when she can, so she has a healthy respect for taking care of this earth of ours. With this program, they can incorporate donating to a worthy cause while at the same time getting a birthday present that they want.

How does it work? 
Choose your invitation
Many invitation styles to choose from!
Choose your gifts
With an ECHOage birthday party, your child will be one step closer to getting the gift they've been dreaming about.
Choose your charity
Manage your party
Split Funds
You receive half of the contributed funds to purchase your child’s dream gift(s), and your child’s charity receives the other half.
Say Thank you!
Send easy, quick notes to show your appreciation for your guests' contributions.
This is a very rewarding program for the kids to get involved in. You can even choose your child's school as the charity, for the money to benefit a program at school. 
There is much more to learn about the program, and I encourage you to head over to ECHOage and start planning your next party.

Disclaimer: I did not receive any compensation for this review. I think this is a great program and wanted to share with my readers. 


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