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Thursday, September 20, 2012

21 ScarAway C-Section Sheets Giveaway Ends 10-06

I had both of my children naturally and haven't been through a C-section. I've spoken to those who have and my heart reaches out to them for what they went through. The healing process is lengthy and you have to deal with the scar. It's amazing what our body puts up with and we just keep on going.
I've been introduced to this product, Scar-Away, that you can put over those scars to help reduce the appearance of scars as a result of C-sections. Since I didn't actually try the product out, I've included the information from the fact sheet for you.

Here's the facts about the product. 

Getting back into bikini shape after childbirth isn’t just a matter of losing extra pounds and toning up sagging skin.  Almost one third of all women deliver via C-Section, and many of them will have a significant and long-lasting scar as a result of the surgical incision.  It’s no longer necessary to grin and bear this red, raised, itchy badge of courage. ScarAway® C-Section Sheets offer a non-invasive, drug-free method of smoothing, fading and flattening scars at home.

An effective, affordable treatment to reduce and prevent hypertrophic (raised) scars and keloid scars that may result from C-section incisions

Using patented silicone technology, previously available only through hospitals, burn centers and plastic surgery offices, this professional grade silicone sheeting sets a new standard in non-invasive, drug-free, at home scar care, perfect for busy new mothers

Specially sized at 1.5” x 7” to accommodate most C-section incision scars

Unlike scar minimizing creams and ointments, ScarAway delivers a slight pressure directly to the scar, and mimics the natural barrier function of healthy skin, diminishing the scar’s appearance and restoring skin to a more natural texture and color.  It is non-greasy, won’t stick to or stain clothing.  And goodness knows, new Moms don’t need extra messes to contend with

Ultra-thin, flexible, breathable, and durable; unique soft opaque backing for comfort

Scars may feel softer in just a few days, with visible results in just weeks.  Optimal results are achieved in about 12 weeks

Each washable sheet lasts approximately two weeks; remove while bathing or showering and keep on convenient storage strip that comes with kit

Doctor-recommended; numerous clinical studies support the safety and efficacy of silicone sheeting for the reduction and prevention of scars

Suggested retail: ScarAway C-Section Sheets (1.5” x 7”) eight week supply:  $22.99

Exclusively available at Duane Reade in the Northeast, online at and

From Guilford, CT-based Mitchell-Vance Laboratories,
 Also available for other scars resulting from accidents,burns and other types of surgeries:
o ScarAway Silicone Scar Sheets box of 8 standard size sheets:  $19.99
o ScarAway 100% Silicone Gel Serum for exposed or hard to treat areas like face, scalp and ears, .5 oz bottle, $29.99

 I'm so excited that they are allowing me to run a giveaway for a reader to win and try these out.
If you have a C-Section scar, I urge you to enter to win.

Enter to win below for your own box of ScarAway

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  1. Hey dont have a follow button on your page. You should add one :)

  2. if I get a csection with these twins, it will be for me! if not, it will be for my sister in law. :)

  3. i will be giving this as a gift to my neighbors teen daughter who is scheduled for an cesscarian on 9/29/2012 due to health reasons

  4. Definitely as a gift to my niece she has horrible stretch marks on her belly.

  5. My daughter in law has alot of stretch marks from having my grandson and she really would love to try to get rid of them or lighten them some.
    Laura Jacobson

  6. I will be using this for myself. Due to a previous accident I was in while I was 7 months pregnant I must always have a scheduled c-section. I had my daughter 2 years ago & am having my son in February 2013. I will definitely appreciate and use this product!

  7. using it I have so many scars from my c section

  8. I would be using this on myself for sure

  9. No-- we have 7 kids -- I need it here for them.

  10. Now I realize that this is 4 c-sections but we have used it for rug burns, and it works on stretch marks on the tummy after having babies.

  11. I will use myself I had 2 c-sections and with my son I was left open afterwards and had to heal inside out so my scar is pretty bad.

  12. I will give this for a gift.
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  13. I would definitely use it myself

  14. I'd use it: I've had 2 C-sections.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com


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