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Saturday, April 14, 2012

0 Winetime bar review

 Enjoy Winetime's gourmet nutrition bars that contain Resveratrol. It's packed with the nutrients of wine without all the alcohol. They also contain superfruits for added nutrients and benefits.

Oh, how nice it is to come home from work to a nice glass of wine.  Wine may not be everyone's choice but you can still benefit from the nutrition benefits of wine as it contains Resveratrol in a gourmet nutrition bar. I personally love the more fruity wines and don't care for the dry wines. I was intrigued to learn about Resveratrol and it's benefits as well as trying out the bars for myself.

"It's the first—and only—gourmet nutrition bar containing Resveratrol. More Resveratrol than 50 glasses of red wine 2 delicious flavors
1. Chocolate, Dates & Almonds 2. Chocolate-Raspberry
7 extra "super fruits"— cranberry, noni, pomegranate, goji berry, acai, mangosteen and blueberry. 2 sources of Resveratrol
1. 99% pure trans-Resveratrol 2. Premium French red grapes from the Rhône valley
High fiber—7 grams per bar No trans fat, hydrogenated oils or high fructose corn syrup. No artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors or preservatives. No cholesterol No dairy No gluten Vegan Clinically-proven
ResVez has sourced the best supplies of Resveratrol:
1. a 99% pure product from a prestigious European provider of nutritional ingredients, and 2. premium red grapes from the renowned Rhône Valley in southern France
If you're looking for a meal replacement, a healthy snack, or a gourmet chocolate treat—The WINETIME BAR is for you."

My thoughts:
I was provided a case of winetime bars that contained 2 different flavors - Chocolate, Dates & Almonds and Chocolate-Raspberry. When first introduced to these bars, the obvious caught my attention and that is Resveratrol. I knew that it was good for you but never really looked into it. They do say that a glass of wine a day is good for you. You can get those nutrients in the bar instead - without the alcohol.
These bars are the standard size as far as snack bars go. They are packed tightly like a cake type bar instead of a granola texture. I had my family and co-workers try them and got mixed reviews. The Chocolate, Dates & Almonds got the more diverse crowd. The Dates make it such a sweet flavor that there were some that loved it and others that did not like it at all. The Chocolate-Raspberry was more of the crowd favorite. I enjoyed that one better out of the two.
I like that I was introduced to this bar and given the opportunity to try them.

Disclaimer: I was provided a sample of this product for review. No other compensation was provided. The opinions here are my own.


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