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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

0 Tropical Traditions Coconut Flakes Review and Giveaway Ends 10-26

I've brought you many products from Tropical Traditions. They are an amazing company that makes products that are healthy for you and are the highest quality made from coconut oil. I haven't tried anything from their company that I didn't like. I'd like to share with you the coconut flakes.
From their site: 
Tropical Traditions 100% natural Shredded Coconut, Coconut Flakes, and Coconut Chips are made from organic dried coconuts in the Philippines that are grown with no fertilizers or pesticides. This premium dried coconut contains no additives or preservatives, and is not sweetened. Unlike most dried coconut on the market, our dried coconut products are not treated with sulfites to keep them white. They are a great addition to recipes and baking, or just for snacks! Note: The Shredded Coconut is a very small cut, suitable for baking, such as making macaroons. The Coconut Flakes are a larger shredded coconut cut, perfect for garnishing or toppings, such as the top of a coconut cream pie. The Coconut Chips are a much larger cut that can be used as a snack food. You can mix them with nuts and dried fruit, for example."
I received a big 2 lb tub of coconut flakes. There is quite a bit of flakes there, that will make me lots of coonut goodies. It was packed to the top and not a bad price at all. Especially compared to what you'd spend at the supermarket, this big tub is only $11.69. They have smaller versions available too. You can get the replacement bag of flakes in a 2.2 lb for $8.50 and a 1 lb for $4.50.  If you make desserts with coconut flakes on a regular basis, it's a good idea to buy in bulk. It's a lot cheaper.

The tub that I received is rather large. It's a heavy duty plastic with a handle. I pulled out my she-ra strength and pulled the seal all the way around to get it open. Yay for me for getting it open. Just as tight as it's sealed, it reseals just as tight, so it will stay fresh.
From the moment, you open it up, you are hit with that delicious coconut scent. I absolutely love coconut and could eat it by itself. The tub was filled with coconut flakes. This is the size you'd typically see sold in small bags at the grocery store. They are great for baked desserts and cookie bars. If you'd ask me, coconut is great for anything. I absolutely love coconut shrimp and am starting to discover more entrees that involve coconut.

My first instinct was to make cookie bars, because that just sounds amazing with this size coconut flakes. I decided to make cupcakes with them. I made the cupcakes like normal and just topped them with some coconut flakes before baking. During the baking process, the coconut got all nice and toasty on top, giving the overall cupcake a delicious flavor. I'm not huge on icing, so I ate them just like that. For the kids, I did make some drizzle icing for them to drizzle on top and they loved them too.
I'm so glad I have a big tub of these coconut flakes because I have so many ideas for what I want to make with them. I've got a long weekend of work this weekend, so maybe I'll start off with some treats for my work family.

You can find more coconut-based recipes here at Free Coconut Recipes.

One lucky Tiff's Pixie Dust reader will win a 2 tub of coconut flakes just like I received.
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