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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

0 Square Shooters game Review and Giveaway Ends 09-14

Square Shooters is a new game to add to your family game night. The game is based around a dice set that is a deck of cards - on dice! Using concepts from a typical poker game, this is a fun spin to a poker game with the family.
Square Shooters® Game Deluxe Set
I am a huge fan of games and love playing them, but lately I haven't played as much because of lack of adults to play with. My hubby is usually working when I'm off and I'm left to play with the kids. They are 8 and 12 and get bored easily. Halfway through the game they seem something shiny and wander off or want to quit because it's not fun any longer for them.

This is where I get a reminiscent....I remember as a kid absolutely loving playing board games with my brother and uncle. We would literally play Monopoly for hours. We would end a game and say....let's do it again - best of 3. I wish my kids had that passion for games. Playing with them passes the time but they don't seem to enjoy it as much as me. I need to call my brother up for a game night!

I have the privilege of trying out this new game, Square Shooters. As mentioned above, the concept is very cool. The dice faces are individual cards. Between the 9 dice, it makes a perfect deck of cards including the aces. In the instructions, they also include some fun alternative games you can play, even including cards (included).
About (from their website):
While you can play almost any card game with these dice,
We've designed an award-winning game for families to play!
Flip a card and try to match the hand shown in three
rolls or less. Get the hand before your rolls are up and win!
Watch for “Shootout” cards that can bring you more luck.
I played with my son and we had a really good time. The game says 8+, but I think a younger child could play as long as they can understand the concepts behind poker. If they've played rummy or Phase 10, they'll be able to play this game. My kids have played those games since they were around 5. Also this is a good game for those little ones because they are rolling dice from a cup and you don't have to worry about them showing their cards. With mine, that is always a problem. Try playing go fish with a child that constantly shows their cards. This game solves that problem because there aren't any cards to hide from other players.

When I first opened the box, unpacked the contents and started reading the rules, I read and re-read the rules a few times trying to figure out where the deck of cards come into play. Feeling like an idiot like I was missing something the whole time. The deck of cards that is included (With the Square Shooters design on the back) is for the alternative versions of the game provided in the instructions, in case you want a little more of a challenge. They are not needed for regular game play.
Game play was quick with only two people. You basically turn over a target card (they are the small cards and have your goals for that hand on them), roll the dice up to 3 times to attempt to get that goal. If you do, you get chips. At the end of each hand, your score is tallied. At the end of 8 hands (or you could choose how many- the score sheets that came with it have 8), you find out who is the winner. There are bonus cards along the way to make it more interesting.

Simple enough concept and I actually found the regular gameplay very fast and we got the easy (There is an easy and a difficult goal on each card) goal on almost every hand, which made it easier than I expected overall.
It isn't advertised on the box to be portable, but the chips, target cards and dice fit nicely into the cup provided and you could easily toss that in your purse or bag. The score sheets, rules deck of cards don't fit in the cup, but that is a nice idea to take it along with you to play at a friend's house or at your destination.As you can see here, I actually tossed the cardboard insides of the box and just set the contents for storage. I put that box in with my other games.

My overall impression is that it is a fun game that would be a hit for all audiences. My son really enjoyed playing it with me and asked if we could play it again sometime. You just know my answer was - Of Course! I look forward to playing it with a group of 4 people for a longer gameplay and I think it would be more fun with more people, as are most games. I'd also like to explore other ways to play with the card dice. They could make for some interesting versions of this game.
You can buy it on Amazon and check out their website.
One lucky reader will win a Square Shooters Deluxe Game Set valued at $19.99. 
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