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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

5 Night Owl Paper Goods Review and $10 GC Giveaway Ends 08-24

I love using and gifting unique gifts like journals, notepads, etc. While browsing blogs, I came accross Night Owl Paper Goods, inc and honestly fell in love. From their artistry to their purpose, I'd gladly name them eco-chic. Lucky for us, I bring you a review and giveaway today!

When I first started browsing Night Owl's site, I immediately fell in love with the artistry. They use earthy tones of mostly browns, greens, oranges, blues in their designs and the artwork is absolutely adorable. That is my favorite part, is the cute little cartoon animals on most of the designs.
 The most unique thing about the journal that I received is that the cover is made from eco-friendly sustainably harvested wood and the pages are 100% post-consumer recycled, acid-free paper. They sent me a couple cards too. The one on the left with the cutie-pie koalas on it is made from wood too. At first glance, the wood looks so thin, that you'd think it easily breakable but it seems very sturdy.
Of course even though it seems sturdy enough, I take care of my journal with extra care because I love it so much. It really is my favorite new thing and just big enough to keep with me. I keep track of all things bloggy in journals so this is perfect for me....and did you see the adorable monkey on the cover and inside the cover? I'm naming my little monkey Benji.
These would make incredible gifts and school is starting in just a few weeks. They have much more than just journals. Here's some of my other favorites:
floral • market

Market Jotter - Keep it on your kitchen counter and jot down your grocery list.

Three Monkey

Sweetest Wishes
Cards for all occasions. They even have wedding invitations. That would make an impression!

You can also get your own cards, journals, etc personalized with your own logos or photos.(You can even use color photos) That is amazing and I am considering some Christmas presents. A personalized journal or jotter would be an amazing gift. I know I'd love to be on the receiving end. (maybe I should start dropping hints, lol)
There is also a sale section with prices slashed. While you're there, check it out!

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  1. I'm in LOVE with those crazy little hedgehogs! We called our oldest (now 15) hedgehog when he was born because that's exactly what he looked like! LOL. So my favorite would be anything with the hedgehogs on it. :)

  2. I like the Peacock Plumes

  3. I love the journals- especially the lazy golfers one.

  4. My favorite are the market jotters. But really i love everything!

  5. i love the white owl journal!


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