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Thursday, August 25, 2011

0 iQ Cleaner Review

I am always looking for new cleaning products to try out. I've discovered the iQ cleaning products line that has safe ingredients and an interesting concept in the delivery.With refill cartridges, it makes it fun to use as the colors blend into the water and easy to refill.

When given the opportunity to try out the iQ cleaning product line, I was so excited. There are a lot of different eco-friendly cleaners out there. There are components to the iQ line that sets them apart from the others. They carry the All-purpose cleaner, Bathroom cleaner, Glass cleaner, and Floor cleaner.

The first is in the delivery of the product. I received 3 empty spray bottles and 3 refill cartridges (All-Purpose, Bathroom and Glass). This is significantly lighter than if they would have sent me 3 full bottles of cleaner pre-made. I appreciate the cost saved in delivery. The carbon footprint is significantly less with this product overall, because you are reusing the bottle. Because you are using refill cartridges, the amount of plastic you use over time is much less, therefore helping our planet more than hurting.

Aesthetically, the design is pleasing. With a modern shaped bottle, and simple logo, the design overall draws me in. It looks like something brand new that you just want to try. Each cleaner in the line has it's own color, so you can coordinate accordingly.
The funnest part for me is actually putting the cartridge in and seeing the action. The instructions are easy to follow, even with pictures. Here is my step-by-step that I did with the glass cleaner.
First you fill with water to the fill line:

Drop in the cartridge. The top has a lip on it so it will sit nicely flush with the top of the bottle.

Insert the sprayer hose through the cartridge and screw on.

Ta-da. That's the best part. When you screw the sprayer down, it pops open the cartridge and the concentrate seeps into the water making coloful clouds in the water as it lets it out.

Shake it till it's blended and there ya' go. Time to clean!

Now, the question....does it really work? I'm pleased to say that they really do. It is very refreshing not to have to smell chemicals while cleaning. I thought they actually had a pleasant aroma. Each has their own scent. I put them to work, cleaning every surface in sight and they did not disappoint.

I have to say, the iQ cleaning line not only works great, but is actually fun. When you go to mix the cleaner, have your kids help you with dropping in the cartridge. The fun with the colors isn't just for you. If your kids are anything like my daughter, they'll be more inclined to help clean with those cleaners, because they put the refill in. By the way, the 3 bottles of cleaner I have are no longer mine. I just have to mention that I need to get the class cleaner to clean the glass coffee table and she comes running to take over.

You can find iQ cleaners at a number of retailers. I am happy to see that they carry them at my local Sweetbay. I am out in the boonies so it's over 20 miles to any decent store. I have a Sweetbay about 22 miles away, so score for me! I'll be making my purchase for refills there when mine run out.
Check them out online, Facebook and Youtube

Disclaimer: I was provided a sample of this product for review. No other compensation was provided. The opinions here are my own.


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