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Friday, August 19, 2011

0 Enjoy Life Cookies Review and Giveaway Ends 09-09

Cookies are always a crowd favorite. I got the opportunity to try out some cookies from Enjoy Life. The line of cookies that I got the chance to review are the crunchy and gluten / allergy free.
The crunchy cookies are gluten free, dairy free and nut free. For some that is a necessity. With my family, I just like the benefits that gluten free foods have for your system. It’s not always easy to find healthy food that actually tastes good.
Enjoy Life sent me 4 flavors to try out of their crunchy cookies. 

The crunchy cookie line itself has a crumbly texture and is quite crunchy just like the name says. Each box contains 14 cookies and they are a decent size and very thin. (a little bigger than a Chips Ahoy) Mine were shipped to me and there was a lot of ones that had crumbled during their trip to Florida. My husband, me, my two kids and a friend with his kid tried them out. We had mixed reviews. Texture seemed to be the main issue of concern because the cookies crumble when you go to take a bite. With the kids, it caused some messes. The kids and I seem to be on the same page and enjoyed the taste.
My hubby and our friend didn’t care for them very much. When I explained that they were gluten free, they both agreed that they didn’t taste bad for healthy cookies but they weren’t the biggest fans. (I still catch my hubby grabbing one here and there because I have them sitting in Ziploc bags on the table)
As far as flavor goes, the Double Chocolate ones seemed to be everyone’s favorite. None of us really cared for the Vanilla Honey Graham ones. The taste isn’t anything like a graham cookie or cracker to me.  The Sugar Crisp and Chocolate Chip both had thumbs up. None of them have that typical healthy cardboard taste and at the same time, they don’t have an overbearing sweetener taste like other healthy cookies do.
Overall the consensus is that they are pretty good for a healthy cookie. If you’re shopping for something with the health benefits, I absolutely recommend the Double Chocolate ones. I enjoyed the flavors and am so pleased to get the chance to try them out. The serving size is 2 cookies and that lands you 110 calories. That’s not bad for a snack, especially if you count calories. I am pretty good at managing snacks and could even limit that to one cookie for a snack, so 55 calories a couple times a day to curb urges sounds great to me. 
There's much more than just cookies at Enjoy Life. They also offer cereals, snack bars, baking supplies, bagels and much more. Remember my review of the Double Chocolate Crunch granola and baking mega chunks? You can find them at most local retailers and health food stores. Find a location near you, with the store locator.  
One lucky reader will win 2 boxes of Enjoy Life Crunchy cookies (your choice).
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